Spending $100 for Fall ....

Fall Sales are happening everywhere right now. New fall product is in all the stores. Some of the sales happening now made me think…”if I had $100 bucks to spend on one of these sales how would I spend it?” Now - my disclaimer here ****the sales I mention in this post could END AT ANY TIME so check the website of each retailer for the current pricing ****

I am focusing on three stores -

JCrew Factory Outlet - today 40%off selected merchandise by using the promo code QUICK

Banana Republic - Select Fall Styles 40%off

Target - well, it’s Target so just great prices but quantities may be limited

Let’s look at Target first. The items I would purchase for around $100 dollars are listed below with direct links to purchase. In the caption below each item I have given a brief reason for why I would buy these items. Each item is from a new line they are carrying called Prologue. It has a modern vibe and at least here in West Michigan, not much of it is available in the stores. So, first are the paperbag waist plaid cropped pant. I love everything about this pant. It’s patterned fabric is in line with the current menswear trend as is the silhouette with the paperbag waist. Because of the pattern you have so many choices for outfits by pairing different colored tops and various styles of footwear. They will take your wardrobe to many options. The mock turtleneck. Again, on trend with the interesting sleeve. Great neutral color so easy to wear with many things (including the pants). Easily dress it up or wear it more casual. Finally, the blazer. The pattern part of the menswear trend. The blazer, a wardrobe essential. Dress it up with a silk blouse. Wear it more casual with a screen print tshirt and your favorite jeans. Perfect.

Next up is Banana Republic. Anytime they offer 40% is a great time to purchase more traditional pieces that will go from season to season, year to year. Think suits, coats, cocktail dresses, cocktail attire, etc. I chose the classic trench. This is perfection in a coat and at 40% off just brings a bit over the $100! Love it! I would also go the opposite and stock up on the basics if they too, were offered at 40% off.

Last up is JCrew Factory. Today, by entering a code you get 40% off select merchandise. I chose some great pieces and kept my total close to $100.

First is the sleeveless mock turtleneck sweater. The color is a classic neutral. As I mention in the caption you have 3 options for wearing. Layer underneath, layer over or wear alone. Options, people! Next up is the wide legged cropped chino pant. It’s a great twist to the chino pant and I couldn’t love it more. If you have followed me at all, you know I love cropped wide-legged pants. I love this color for my style but they are also available in other neutrals. Next up is the cardigan. It’s not just a cardigan though, it’s cashmere! Cashmere doesn’t go on sale very often so when it does, buy it if you can! I don’t really need to say anything else about the wardrobe value of a cardigan, do I? Last up is a great sweater, or is it a blazer??? It’s a sweater blazer and I love it. It keeps with the menswear trend but with the color choices and the softness, it has a feminine vibe which I love. Pair this with a denim shirt and chinos for a modern casual look. Pair it with a silk top and dress trousers for a more dressy vibe. Once again, Options!!

Don’t you want to shop now? I do. I have mentioned this before but I feel like I must mention it again! If you aren’t already using ebates you need to sign up now! If the retailer you are shopping from is an ebates retailer all you have to do is click thru the ebates site (or load the handy tool on your toolbar) and you get cash back for every order. No charge to you! No extra hoops! I love this! I do have a referral code listed below. If you click thru using that code I do receive a small bonus. If you would rather not use the code just go directly to ebates. Either way do it before you shop online for anything else! Speaking of codes, as I’ve mentioned before, if you click thru any of the clothing links and purchase thru the links I do receive a very small fee for you choosing to do that. However you choose to shop get your Fall goodies while the size and color you like are still available. Not sure what to purchase? I’d love to help. Contact me via this website and let’s chat!

Friday Find

This week's find is a simple fashion necessity.  Double sided tape should be part of your "fashion kit" regardless of your bra size.  A gap between buttons, a slipping neckline, a different cut neckline - all of these are situations that occur in daily dressing.  I have been known to create a quick substitute for the real tape in a pinch - such things as scotch tape, an attempt at hiding a safety pin, a misplaced broach have all been quick fixes for me.  This type of "Macgyvering" is never a good idea.  

I typically purchase my tape from Amazon so imagine my delight when on a Target run recently I discovered this tape (along with some other great items for the fashion kit) on a side display in the beauty section :).  The cost was less than $10 and I didn't have to wait for it to arrive.  

When I searched online for the same package I could not find it at which leads me to believe it is only in the stores at this point.  There is another dress tape available but in tape reel form as opposed to this awesome travel case version.  

I have tried it only on one fabric so I will keep you posted on how it performs.  Regardless of which brand or type, you should have a fashion double sided tape in your kit.  

What are some must-haves you keep in your fashion kit??  

Friday Find

It's Friday.  I think Friday is a great day to discover new treasures.  Here is a treasure I recently discovered 

Who What Wear lace up Dress available at Target or

Who What Wear lace up Dress available at Target or

What a great dress for a great price!  The dress is made of a cotton and polyester blend, which is great when it comes to care for the dress.  As a bonus, with that blend of polyester, wrinkling should be minimal.  

What I love:

Versatility - it can be worn now with a cardigan, jean jacket over it.  It obviously can be worn sleeveless anytime.  By pairing this easy dress with different shoes I think you can also achieve a totally different look.  Pair it with wedges and some chunky jewelry and it becomes more dressy.  Add flat sandals and some wood jewelry and you are transformed to a more casual feel.  This also means it would be a great dress to travel with because you can achieve different looks and therefore pack less :) 

Price - seriously - under $35 - need I say more?

Cut - the shape of this dress can be flattering on almost any body type - love that!

Where to buy?  - I love TARGET !  Even though this dress is available to everyone, if you add your own style, you won't "see yourself coming and going".  

This is a great find for Friday, I think you should check it out!