Wait, there's another sale ??

It may seem as if I do a lot of shopping...well, I do.  Notice I didn't say buying.  I don't purchase every time I shop, promise.  I feel like it's my job  to let you know when there is a great sale so that's why my last 2 posts are about 2 of my go to places.  The sale that just posted today is from JCrew Factory and it's 30%off your purchase of $100 or more.  The code is GETSET.  According to the website ( it runs thru May 13, 2018.  This promo comes right before Mother's Day which is awesome if you need a gift or 2 for that, right?  I've listed my picks below with why I love it in the caption below each item.  As I've said before, anytime there is a %off a total sale such as this one, it's a great time to stock up on the basics you need for the current season.

 I've shown you some great choices in basics first including one of my favorite t-shirts - the studio t-shirt.  Another item I consider a basic is the cardigan and I have shown you 2 different styles here.  One is a long-sleeve version while the other is 3/4 sleeve, which I love for Spring and Summer.  The color choices are fantastic.  I love pajamas but I try to only buy them when they are on sale.  I especially love the knit pair shown below, comfy but not frumpy.  

The other tops.  The top shown with the embroidered sleeves is the perfect summer top.  You can dress it up with a cute pair of wide-legged pants, white jeans, skinny jeans, the choices are endless.  The long sleeve with the pom pom tassles is a perfect example of how to elevate your basics - it's in the details!  The little black skirt is the perfect addition to any wardrobe.  I have the Lucky 7 - which are 7 items I believe, every woman should have in her wardrobe ( the black skirt is one of those items.  I like this one because it has just a little sass with the scalloped hem.  The linen/cotton pant just may become your favorite summer pant.  Dressed up a bit with a crisp blouse and wedges or worn more casual with a t-shirt and sneakers or flip flops, these pants are perfect for every occasion.  Last, the accessories.  For both JCrew and JCrew Factory a promotion like this is a great time to buy jewelry and other accessories.  The bonus here??  They are the perfect gift for the special "mom" in your life as well!

Okay, start shopping you don't have much time - again the sale ends May 13th.  I've mentioned before but I will again - if you are shopping online and aren't yet an ebates customer  -- sign up before your shop !!!

Questions where to spend your money?  What did you buy??  What's your fav??  Leave in the comments below!  



Loving Your Closet Part 2

Last week I posted about some easy steps to purge your closet.  I thought this week I would offer some organization solutions for the jewelry and scarves you decided to keep from the purge.  I didn't mention jewelry specifically last week, but I know you are on top of things so you took care of it along with your clothes.  If not, no time like the present!  When going through your jewelry (and scarves) you really need to see all of it together to get the full picture of what you own.  Here is one example of how to do this easily.  I did a huge jewelry purge when we moved 3 years ago.  Here are a couple of pics for what it looked like in the ugly middle of it :):

jewelry mid.JPG

From here I was able to use the same criteria, as mentioned last week with the clothing purge, to determine what I was keeping and what I was getting rid of.  You know the drill:  is it good condition, have I worn it in a year, etc.  Once I went through the full sorting process it was on to organization.  For me, I needed to be able to see a lot more of what I owned than previously set up.  This is the mess that was on the left, empty in the middle, the goods on the right. I couldn't really tell what I had and therefore, I didn't wear over half of it.  I went in search of new containers and keepers.  I didn't go for just the things labeled as jewelry organizers.  In many cases, not all, the cost is too much for me.  I went for solutions.  Some of them you will see in the "after" picture I post below this picture.

jewelry before and during org.jpg
This is the result of purging and organizing.  I can see what I own.  

This is the result of purging and organizing.  I can see what I own.  

As seen in the picture above, there is a mix of the "real" jewlery organizers like bracelet holders and the frame made for necklaces, as well as trays and other pieces that aren't necessarily made for jewelry.   I have compiled some of my favorite jewelry and scarf organization pieces below to share with you.  There is a short caption below those that may need an explanation and the others you can clearly see what their best use is.  (There are links to purchase but you could certainly go to your favorite retailer and find something similar as well.)

My favorite is probably either the egg holder or the bamboo utensil holder.  As I mention in the caption below the egg holder, I love this piece for storing small earrings, rings, and even pins.  The container is not only clear so you can see all your stuff, but you can also buy multiples of this and stack them.  The bamboo utensil holder is awesome!  It's completely adjustable for all different size treasures.  Statement earrings, bracelets, long necklaces, watches, the possibilities are endless.  You could go so far as to label these for each type and then stack multiples.  For example, one could be all statement earrings, one for bracelets, etc. The rest of the jewelry keepers are self-explanatory.  

Next up - scarves.  Again, for me, I need to see the inventory!  The first  idea is to roll them and keep them organized in the cubes pictured.  The next idea is on hung through the loops on the long keeper. ( I believe this is also for handbags but I personally don't like to hang my handbags.)  By hanging them in the loops this way they are still all visible.  The last idea is a typical scarf hanger which is great.  My only suggestion here would be to use this for thinner lighter weight scarves so none get "hidden" when the fixture is hanging in your closet.

If your jewelry is all organized and ready for each wear I'd love to see a picture!  What's your favorite jewelry keeper?  If your stuff isn't all organized I hope this inspires you to get it done and start wearing more of what you own!  


New dress - same dress

January is a great time to evaluate your wardrobe.  This can seem like a daunting task for many reasons.  Whether it's time, self-image, budget, kids in the way, dog in the way, dog ate your homework, hangnail, doesn't matter.  First of all, if it feels too large and not possible - contact me- let's talk about a custom package for you :).  Otherwise, maybe for today, we will take a small step with one item.

What's a piece in your closet you love but either you don't wear it enough or you are stuck in a rut and only wear it one way?  Recently I had dinner with a friend and she looked adorable.  When I took a closer look at her outfit I saw endless possibilities with the key piece.  I asked her permission to share so that is what we are taking look at today.  

First here is a picture of the item.  It's a super cute dress.  

Sleeveless dress

Sleeveless dress

The dress is on trend with the floral detailing, the stitchwork and embellishments.  In the summer worn simply with a pair of flats or sandals this dress would be adorable.  For many (who am I kidding most of us) right now, weather-wise, this couldn't be worn alone.  Layering the dress with a jacket and leggings or tights, and boots would be perfect.  In fact, that's how she wore it to dinner on a cold night.

dress layered with jacket, leggings, and boots

dress layered with jacket, leggings, and boots

So far, that's 2 different ways and 2 different seasons so far for this beauty.  Another way to wear this would be layer it over skinny jeans, add a pair of heels, booties or platforms.  Depending on the season add a jacket and boom! one more way to wear it!  You have just added 3 new outfits with one piece. 

I talk often of shopping your own closet, this is a great example of that.  Go your closet.  Find one piece you love.  Take a piece either you haven't worn in FORever or a piece you are stuck only wearing one way and wear it different!  

Did someone say handbag sale?

I opened an email from Nordstrom this morning advertising a handbag sale.  If you know me at all, you know I LOVE handbags!  I quickly went shopping my mind and here are the top choices. 

I would gladly welcome any of these jewels to my handbag collection, what about you?  Head over to  and do a little shopping yourself.  Head over to


Friday Find

It's Friday.  I think Friday is a great day to discover new treasures.  Here is a treasure I recently discovered 

Who What Wear lace up Dress available at Target or

Who What Wear lace up Dress available at Target or

What a great dress for a great price!  The dress is made of a cotton and polyester blend, which is great when it comes to care for the dress.  As a bonus, with that blend of polyester, wrinkling should be minimal.  

What I love:

Versatility - it can be worn now with a cardigan, jean jacket over it.  It obviously can be worn sleeveless anytime.  By pairing this easy dress with different shoes I think you can also achieve a totally different look.  Pair it with wedges and some chunky jewelry and it becomes more dressy.  Add flat sandals and some wood jewelry and you are transformed to a more casual feel.  This also means it would be a great dress to travel with because you can achieve different looks and therefore pack less :) 

Price - seriously - under $35 - need I say more?

Cut - the shape of this dress can be flattering on almost any body type - love that!

Where to buy?  - I love TARGET !  Even though this dress is available to everyone, if you add your own style, you won't "see yourself coming and going".  

This is a great find for Friday, I think you should check it out!  

Just a quick psa....

Okay so tomorrow here in West Michigan it's going to be 50 degrees!!  I know how excited everyone is...some perhaps too excited.  I know there will be those clothing themselves in shorts, capris, tshirts, and flip flops.  This is a short Public Service Announcement to's not time yet people, be patient. 

Here's a little snippet of how to dress for now (February) and later (when Spring finally arrives).  Just an idea :)