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I believe in each of us lies our own sense of style.

I think especially for those of us over 40, the resources for fashion inspiration are either not there or are somewhere in the neighborhood of “mom jeans “ (no, not okay ever ) to a “Real Housewife” of some sort (so not okay for the majority of us, especially if you are living in the great midwest). I am passionate about helping this all but forgotten market define, redefine, organize, recreate, create – (whatever the case may be) their sense of fashion. It is my hope that after we have had a chance to work together you feel great about your closet, your clothes, your style, and yourself. 

I have always loved fashion. Whether mowing the grass with a plastic lawnmower in white go-go boots or playing dress up as a child or pursuing my career in retail fashion for 25 plus years, my love of fashion has remained constant. I grew up with my own fashion icon. She never went with bare nails for long, she made the little black dress cool before it was cool. She taught me everything I know, most importantly to be myself and have my own style. I want to help you do the same thing.

 Whether you want to completely recreate or just fine tune your style I have great options to help you.

Please contact me. I would love to help you with your style in your closet.



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