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Loving Your Closet Part 2

Last week I posted about some easy steps to purge your closet.  I thought this week I would offer some organization solutions for the jewelry and scarves you decided to keep from the purge.  I didn't mention jewelry specifically last week, but I know you are on top of things so you took care of it along with your clothes.  If not, no time like the present!  When going through your jewelry (and scarves) you really need to see all of it together to get the full picture of what you own.  Here is one example of how to do this easily.  I did a huge jewelry purge when we moved 3 years ago.  Here are a couple of pics for what it looked like in the ugly middle of it :):

jewelry mid.JPG

From here I was able to use the same criteria, as mentioned last week with the clothing purge, to determine what I was keeping and what I was getting rid of.  You know the drill:  is it good condition, have I worn it in a year, etc.  Once I went through the full sorting process it was on to organization.  For me, I needed to be able to see a lot more of what I owned than previously set up.  This is the mess that was on the left, empty in the middle, the goods on the right. I couldn't really tell what I had and therefore, I didn't wear over half of it.  I went in search of new containers and keepers.  I didn't go for just the things labeled as jewelry organizers.  In many cases, not all, the cost is too much for me.  I went for solutions.  Some of them you will see in the "after" picture I post below this picture.

jewelry before and during org.jpg
This is the result of purging and organizing.  I can see what I own.  

This is the result of purging and organizing.  I can see what I own.  

As seen in the picture above, there is a mix of the "real" jewlery organizers like bracelet holders and the frame made for necklaces, as well as trays and other pieces that aren't necessarily made for jewelry.   I have compiled some of my favorite jewelry and scarf organization pieces below to share with you.  There is a short caption below those that may need an explanation and the others you can clearly see what their best use is.  (There are links to purchase but you could certainly go to your favorite retailer and find something similar as well.)

My favorite is probably either the egg holder or the bamboo utensil holder.  As I mention in the caption below the egg holder, I love this piece for storing small earrings, rings, and even pins.  The container is not only clear so you can see all your stuff, but you can also buy multiples of this and stack them.  The bamboo utensil holder is awesome!  It's completely adjustable for all different size treasures.  Statement earrings, bracelets, long necklaces, watches, the possibilities are endless.  You could go so far as to label these for each type and then stack multiples.  For example, one could be all statement earrings, one for bracelets, etc. The rest of the jewelry keepers are self-explanatory.  

Next up - scarves.  Again, for me, I need to see the inventory!  The first  idea is to roll them and keep them organized in the cubes pictured.  The next idea is on hung through the loops on the long keeper. ( I believe this is also for handbags but I personally don't like to hang my handbags.)  By hanging them in the loops this way they are still all visible.  The last idea is a typical scarf hanger which is great.  My only suggestion here would be to use this for thinner lighter weight scarves so none get "hidden" when the fixture is hanging in your closet.

If your jewelry is all organized and ready for each wear I'd love to see a picture!  What's your favorite jewelry keeper?  If your stuff isn't all organized I hope this inspires you to get it done and start wearing more of what you own!  


12 Days of Gift Ideas - Day 11 Gifts for the Fahionista

Can you believe it's almost Christmas???  I can't!  We are at day 12 of gift ideas and today's list is one of my favs.  Gifts for the fashionista.  It sounds easy right?  Just buy her clothes, right?  It's not that I don't think you will buy the right thing, but here are some great alternatives:

Starting with the first group on the top right and going clockwise:  

Jewelry is always a good option.  The fashionista knows how to put it all together and make it her style so giving her pieces that she can layer are best.  The necklace is one of my favs because you can have it engraved.  Choose what you want - a special date, the coordinates of a special place, her name, etc.  You may not notice your fashionista wearing a watch, but a watch that is also a fashion statement can't be a bad idea.  Olivia Burton watches are beautiful.  You can choose the one pictured here full of floral details or they do have simpler versions as well.  Last in this category is a beautiful pen from Tiffany.  Your fashionista should have a beautiful writing pen as an accessory she has with her all the time. \

Next up are a couple of fun gifts.  First, one of my personal favs - the Fab Fit Fun Box.  You can purchase gift cards towards this, purchase a subscription for her, or currently the editor's box is available so you could that as well.  As I have mentioned many times before, the box is filled with a variety of items, all of which, your fashionista will love. The fashion emergency kit is great for all people, not just fashionistas frankly.  It's like a first aid kit for dressing - who doesn't need that??

If you want more "utility" or usefulness to your gift then the last group is perfect for you.  the jewelry box is from Lori Grenier.  Her jewelry boxes are special because the inside is a "silver keeper" lining so sterling silver pieces don't tarnish.  The pieces come in a variety of styles and sizes including everything from travel cases to full length towers to the box pictured here.  Another storage option is the box pictured next which allows the fashionista to organize her watches and several pieces of her jewelry.  If she travels, especially by car, this box could go with her, which is a bonus.  Keeping with storage the last piece is a storage unit for all her cosmetics.  What fashionista doesn't want her beauty products to look great too?  

Though a couple of these items are sold online only,  a majority of these things can still be purchased in a store so you still have time to get them.  Take a deep breath and get out there!

Happy Shopping !