Fall Notes, 2

West Michigan weather has us going from 60 degree temps one day to a blustery 30 something the next. All the same, it’s Fall no matter what the thermometer says. The Fall fashion trends have all been talked about and shopped for but I wanted to share one of my new favs. Menswear continues to be an inspiration and I think these plaid pants hit the mark. I hope this inspires you to look for a new plaid to fit in your wardrobe!

plaid and black tneck.png yourclosetyourstyle.com

First, and Favorite.

First, I paired the pants with my favorite piece for Fall and Winter, the turtleneck. Honestly, this is the combo I will probably wear most. The only thing easier, is to simply change out the color of the turtleneck, which you will see later. Footwear possibilities are endless. I’m wearing a great pair of pointed Calvin Klein patent flats. (link to shoes http://shopstyle.it/l/TX3f) Here are a few suggestions: clogs, mules, heels with tights, booties, just naming a few. Layering with a jackety, denim or otherwise, is a given.

plaid and denim.pngyourclosetyourstyle.com

Unexpected…denim shirt and vest.

A classic denim shirt paired with these pants is a great look. I’ve added my pink vest for a little, well, extra. In this picture I am wearing the same flats I’ve already linked but again, the possibilites are great for footwear options.

plaid and pink.png yourclosetyourstyle.com

Pink and Black combo.

I’ve dressed up the look just a bit here. I am wearing a sleeveless pink mockneck (not new, from White House Black Market several years ago), a simple black cardi and the same shoes as shown in previous looks. I’ve added the multi-strand pearls for my necklace with pearl stud earrings. The pants have a pink(ish) stripe within the plaid which makes me love the pants even more.

plaid and yellow.png yourclosetyourstyle.com

The Look that Started This.

I found this outfit online on the Anthropologie website at the beginning of September. I purchased it then, on sale and I had my birthday discount. The top came right away. The pants did not arrive until last week. Of course this does not look like the original picture but I love the outfit. The versatility of the pant is greater than you think. The colors are amazing. The fit is great. The silhouette is my favorite. The plaid is on trend with menswear inspiration. I will wear both these pieces a ton — the pants I can see myself also wearing in the spring for sure. The links to this outfit can be found below.