spring fashion

The story of the $12 dollar skirt

A few months ago on a trip to one of my favorite consignment stores I found the cutest skirt.  It didn't have a label in it and looked to be a one-of-a-kind beauty.  I immediately loved the print of the fabric and the cut of the skirt itself.  It is an A-line skirt and the print is a blend of patterns with blues and greens.  As I talk about often, I love it when a gem in my wardrobe can be worn in different ways.  Not only can I wear this skirt in different ways and in different seasons, again I mention, it was $12 bucks! 

Here is how I wore it first:

Skirt in late November

In late November I wore it with a black turtleneck, jean jacket, tights and my all time fav MaryJanes.  Everything I'm wearing isn't available anymore, but here are some suggestions that are close 

Here is how I wore it today:


Today I wore the skirt with a simple gray long sleeve tshirt, a black cardigan and black boots.  

The t-shirt is still available here:  http://shopstyle.it/l/vY6N and the cardigan here:  http://shopstyle.it/l/vY7v  Both are on sale!  (p.s. these too are affiliate links, just so you know).

I am looking forward to Spring (I mean is anyone not???).  Here is one way I will be wearing the same skirt when Spring finally shows her face:


This is a simple tie waist white shirt from Chico's (no longer available) and my favorite pink Dansko clogs (also not available).  I did post some items similar for you to check out


All three of these looks are easy to duplicate.  Choose a great skirt and wear it with some simple closet basics - a long sleeve tshirt, turtleneck, white blouse and layer (depending on your preference) with a cardigan or jean jacket.  Add your favorite shoes or boots - simple or with a pop of color or flair and there you have it.  A fun, easy to wear skirt is the star of all of these outfits - it just happens to be a bonus because I got it for such a great price and it's wearable in any season.  Check your closet - if you wear skirts - I bet there is one you can pull from your wardrobe, match with the same items as I have, and wear it multiple seasons.  

Have fun putting together a new look and of course, owning your style.


** just a note - there are affiliate links in this post.  Not comfortable using them?  No problem just google for the items or shop for yourself at your favorite sites.  

To wear or not to wear ...

Do you have a favorite pair of pants?  You can't count jeans!  I do.  Well, more so, I have a favorite style of pant.  I found 2 pair I love equally, from different brands, so I bought them both.  The pants?  A simple wide leg cropped pant in black.  The fabric on both is a mid-weight washable fabric that makes these pants perfect for almost any time of year.   The styles though very similar, have just enough different details that it was worth buying both.  One pair is plain, zip in the front button closure.  The other pair zips on the side with silver buckles at the waist on each side.  The seaming on both pair make the pants flattering for all body types.  

pants 1.jpg

This look I paired with my MaryJanes, tights and a layered blouse and cropped sleeveless sweater for a holiday party.  If the temps had been really cold I would do fleece lined tights for warmth but otherwise I love this look for colder months.  For me, the wider leg balances my body shape and helps me own my style.  

pants 2.jpg

This look is great for fall or spring.  I have the mules I'm wearing in both fur-lined and unlined.  I paired the pants with the mules, a sleeveless mock sweater with a denim jacket.  I love the mulit-strand pearl necklace to add a pop to the outfit.  All these elements together for this outfit again, helped me own my style. I have also worn the pants with a simple long sleeve tshirt and mules and a light cardigan (or the jean jacket) for Spring or Fall.  In the summer I do the same thing with a short sleeve shirt and sandals or wedges, depending on the occasion.  I love all the options for these pants.  I have added a khaki green pair in canvas recently because I am such a fan of this silhouette.  

If you want to get technical, in most cases you see 2 key silhouettes if you are searching for a wide leg pant.  A search for a full leg/wide leg full length trouser will most likely show examples of palazzo pants. A cropped version is often called a culotte which typically reaches either knee length or calf length.  For my style, I like the cropped length better because, you guessed it, there are more options.  I love a full palazzo pant for a dressy look.  I think, if styled with perhaps a glittery top, can easily replace a cocktail dress. But, I digress or trail off... here are some examples of the cropped styles:

One of my favs....

cropped black pant - dressy.jpg

If I have a fav look, this might be it.  I paired the pants with tights and my MaryJanes (surprise!), a beautiful flowy top and used a scarf as a belt to complete the look.  This outfit I wore in the winter as well and it was perfect, regardless the temps.  This outfit was perfect for a holiday dinner the Mister and I attended.  I topped it off with my vintage pink wool full length coat which adds just the right amount of "dress" for me.  Once again, I was able to own my style in this look.  I am 5'4" which some would say is too short for a cropped wide leg pant but I disagree.  First, I don't like rules like that and second I don't think it's true.  What's always been most important is that you own what you're wearing and make it yours.  I think confidence is the best thing you wear.  

What's your favorite pant?  How are you wearing it?  How are you owning your style?

Friday Find

It's Friday.  I think Friday is a great day to discover new treasures.  Here is a treasure I recently discovered 

Who What Wear lace up Dress available at Target or Target.com http://www.target.com/p/women-s-lace-up-shift-dress-who-what-wear/-/A-50379754#prodSlot=medium_1_2&term=lace+up+dress+who+what+wear

Who What Wear lace up Dress available at Target or Target.com http://www.target.com/p/women-s-lace-up-shift-dress-who-what-wear/-/A-50379754#prodSlot=medium_1_2&term=lace+up+dress+who+what+wear

What a great dress for a great price!  The dress is made of a cotton and polyester blend, which is great when it comes to care for the dress.  As a bonus, with that blend of polyester, wrinkling should be minimal.  

What I love:

Versatility - it can be worn now with a cardigan, jean jacket over it.  It obviously can be worn sleeveless anytime.  By pairing this easy dress with different shoes I think you can also achieve a totally different look.  Pair it with wedges and some chunky jewelry and it becomes more dressy.  Add flat sandals and some wood jewelry and you are transformed to a more casual feel.  This also means it would be a great dress to travel with because you can achieve different looks and therefore pack less :) 

Price - seriously - under $35 - need I say more?

Cut - the shape of this dress can be flattering on almost any body type - love that!

Where to buy?  - I love TARGET !  Even though this dress is available to everyone, if you add your own style, you won't "see yourself coming and going".  

This is a great find for Friday, I think you should check it out!  

Some Spring Wishes

Okay, so here in West Michigan we are under some sort of weather advisory.  There is snow to the north of us and some sort of "mix" here.  Oh, did I mention this is from today, March 23?????  Since the weather is so miserable I thought I would post my most recent wishlist for Spring.  

With the recent horrific news around the world, the current political season, and the weather all combined I went to my "happy place" for some spring inspiration.  Each year at this time for as long as I can remember until I was 14 years old, the time right before  Easter meant shopping for a new outfit.  Listen, when I say outfit - I mean out-fit.  New hat, dress, purse, and shoes. ( If you know me at all, you know I looked forward to the purse most, but I digress).  I thought in the same vein as that event I looked so forward to...I would share a little of my dreams for this Spring Season.  I am often asked my opinions or thoughts of what the current trends are.  I hesitate to answer in too much detail because I feel so strongly about women owning their own style.  I like to think of trends more for inspiration.  I think you will see what I mean when you take a peek at my wishlist below. 

It's funny, now that I look a little closer at my choices because most of the clothing choices could be seen to all come from one main trend/idea.  I think the boho chic feeling that is happening right now is reflected in so many of my favs.  I love love love the bell sleeve.  I would love it on a blouse or a dress either one.  The spring dresses with all the floral prints are so gorgeous to me.  You can find them in so many different shapes and sizes there has got to be one that is perfect for you too!  There are floral prints in maxi dresses, midi dresses, sheath dresses, shirt dresses, short dresses, skirts, and more.  You merely need choose the silhouette that suits you best.  The embroidery trend is also out there.  Two of my favs for me, are the poppy blazer and jeans I show on my wishlist.  Obviously, it goes without saying, I would not wear the 2 together but as separates they are awesome.  I think versatility is key when you are spending more money for a piece and I think both the jeans and the blazer can not only be worn a ton of different ways, but they will also carry thru the summer and in to early fall so ...bonus!!  

Shoes and Purses - (they need their own paragraph)  Mules - I love mules and I am so happy to see them making a a much wanted resurgence.  The Rose slip-ons?  Everyone needs a fun pair of shoes, no?  The sandals - In keeping with the current ankle interest I love these sandals for that feature but even more for the color combination of the sandal itself.  I am also a huge fan of comfort and quality and these sandals have both of those.  The handbags -- again, if you know me at all, I could do an entire series on handbags.  I have to say each year during that Easter shopping I spoke of earlier, the purse of choice was either straw or patent leather.  I already have both so I am looking for something new.  I love the slightly oversize/satchel/handbag feel to these 2 favs I have chosen.  (I also love any handbag with either a turnkey or kiss closure like the one shown on the front of the Coach bag).

I won't buy everything on this page (sad face here) but it does give me inspiration for what I will buy and for what I will  find by shopping my own closet. Also,  I will continue changing the seasons in my closet.  Part of this will be packing away winter in 2 different containers.  One for next year to keep and one for what I already know I want to consign (can't consign fall/winter until fall/winter).  But, again I digress.

I hope I have given you some inspiration to start your own wishlist...as well as to begin to change over your closet.  It's Spring!!