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When a Dress is more than just a Dress

Your wardrobe needs options!  I love options!  I love when pieces in my wardrobe can be worn in multiple ways.  Recently I picked up this beautiful dress at one of my favorite consignment stores in Grand Rapids.  It's a dress by the brand Maeve, which is sold exclusively at Anthropologie.  This dress in particular is a simple silhouette.  It's burnished colorful burnished floral overlay with a beautiful almost persimmon patterned "slip" underneath is perfect for all seasons, I think.  I bought the dress late last week and have already worn it twice!  I wore it twice but made it different each time.  

Here are the two ways I have worn it so far:

Dress with jeans.jpg

I love a dress over skinny jeans or leggings to give it that tunic feel.  Since I'm only 5'4" I often pair this look with a wedge or platform sandal.  However, I could easily put on a simple flat or dressy flat sandal and complete the look as well.  For accessories I keep it simple when wearing a bright pattern like this.  I added large earrings, and in the future maybe a large bangle as well.  

Though the dress is no longer available, here are similar dresses from Maeve currently available along with the rest of the pieces to complete this look.



dress as a dress.jpg

I first wore the dress (as a dress) when the Mr. and I hosted a few friends for a warm, humid evening on our patio.  The ease and effortless style of the dress was perfect for the evening.  Style without many accessories or worry was perfect for this casual night.  

I love these two looks so far.  I am already picturing the third look for early fall.  The dress, brown boots, brown belt and a denim jacket will be perfect.  Do you have a dress in your wardrobe you're thinking about wearing in different ways?  You should shop your closet and check it out!  

A Top and a Pair of Pants...

If you have followed me for any length of time, or you are a client of mine, you know I really love versatility in a wardrobe.  I love knowing you can start with 2 pieces, say a top and a pant, and create many different looks with those pieces as the "base".  At this time of year when temperatures are still all over the place, layering remains the key to dressing.  Last week I started with this adorable sleeveless top from Loft and then paired it with khakis or distressed denim and discovered all sorts of outfits.  Read on to find out about some of what I did.  

floral tank khakis.png

I started with a sleeveless top and simple pair of khakis...

I started with the top.  It's a great print and it's sleeveless.  What I love:  all the colors in the print give me a ton of options for the layering pieces, bottoms and accessories.  Because it's sleeveless I have many more options for layering, but also for wearing alone if temperatures are warmer because it's not just a camisole.  

Layering options shown here are a great jean jacket on the left for when it may be a bit cooler or the short sleeve cardigan on the right for a bit warmer.  In addition, the jean jacket gives a more casual vibe while the cardi makes it a bit more dressy without trying too hard.  The shoes could easily be swapped - maybe sneakers on the left and a flat sandal on the right?  Options....


floral tank, distressed skinny.png

Switching out the khakis for denim...either blue or white.

This top is a great way to dress the denim up a bit.  In the outfit on the left I've added my favorite Jeffrey Campbell slides.  I might also pair this look with my bright green heels or espadrilles as well.  The colors in the top give me so many options!

The outfit on the left I've added a khaki jacket (no longer available but here's a similar one ( along with black strappy sandals to dress up my jeans a bit.  In the center I am trying the top with the white denim again, keeping it casual with flip flops.  On the far right I've layered a 3/4 sleeve cardi for the extra layer.  Because this cardi is a true black I could easily change my shoes the black mules I've shown in the look above for another option.  Another easy look would be to layer with a white blouse left unbuttoned and tied at the waist with any of the pants shown for even more options.  

Once again, the key is versatility and making your wardrobe work for you.  Here, I started with a top and a pair of pants and created many options and looks from just a few pieces.  What do you have in your wardrobe you can do the same thing with?  I'd love to see what you come up in the comments below!  Let me see how you #ownyourstyle !  


The exact pieces I have are sold out but I've listed some similar pieces below. Check it out! 

Wait, there's another sale ??

It may seem as if I do a lot of shopping...well, I do.  Notice I didn't say buying.  I don't purchase every time I shop, promise.  I feel like it's my job  to let you know when there is a great sale so that's why my last 2 posts are about 2 of my go to places.  The sale that just posted today is from JCrew Factory and it's 30%off your purchase of $100 or more.  The code is GETSET.  According to the website ( it runs thru May 13, 2018.  This promo comes right before Mother's Day which is awesome if you need a gift or 2 for that, right?  I've listed my picks below with why I love it in the caption below each item.  As I've said before, anytime there is a %off a total sale such as this one, it's a great time to stock up on the basics you need for the current season.

 I've shown you some great choices in basics first including one of my favorite t-shirts - the studio t-shirt.  Another item I consider a basic is the cardigan and I have shown you 2 different styles here.  One is a long-sleeve version while the other is 3/4 sleeve, which I love for Spring and Summer.  The color choices are fantastic.  I love pajamas but I try to only buy them when they are on sale.  I especially love the knit pair shown below, comfy but not frumpy.  

The other tops.  The top shown with the embroidered sleeves is the perfect summer top.  You can dress it up with a cute pair of wide-legged pants, white jeans, skinny jeans, the choices are endless.  The long sleeve with the pom pom tassles is a perfect example of how to elevate your basics - it's in the details!  The little black skirt is the perfect addition to any wardrobe.  I have the Lucky 7 - which are 7 items I believe, every woman should have in her wardrobe ( the black skirt is one of those items.  I like this one because it has just a little sass with the scalloped hem.  The linen/cotton pant just may become your favorite summer pant.  Dressed up a bit with a crisp blouse and wedges or worn more casual with a t-shirt and sneakers or flip flops, these pants are perfect for every occasion.  Last, the accessories.  For both JCrew and JCrew Factory a promotion like this is a great time to buy jewelry and other accessories.  The bonus here??  They are the perfect gift for the special "mom" in your life as well!

Okay, start shopping you don't have much time - again the sale ends May 13th.  I've mentioned before but I will again - if you are shopping online and aren't yet an ebates customer  -- sign up before your shop !!!

Questions where to spend your money?  What did you buy??  What's your fav??  Leave in the comments below!  



Top 5 Picks for the Loft 40%off Sale

I think you love a sale as much as me, don't you???  Loft is having one of their awesome 40% sales and I thought I would make a quick post of my 5 favs for this sale.  

My picks from the Loft Plus line : 

I won't keep you .... Happy Shopping!  I'd love to hear what you bought!  Let me know in the comments below!  

A Glimpse at February.

February is a true Winter month here in West Michigan, at least for me.  It's generally cold and snowy and I don't think this February was any exception to that.  February is also typically the month in which I start to get bored, tired, and sometimes annoyed at my closet.  Again, this February did not disappoint on any of those fronts.  Here is a glimpse at what I wore this past month.  


Cashmere is always a good idea

I think cashmere will always stand the test of time in both style and wearability.  This sweater I purchased a couple of years ago but is still available (  I love it because it can easily be worn dressed up or more casual.  It can be more classic with some pearls or add some "edge" with boots and chunky jewelry.  


At Home for the Day

Even on the days I stay home, for me, it's important to get dressed and ready for the day.  On this day I wore a casual outfit of comfy wide-legged pants and a cute tie top.  I gave my skin a break and went make-up free which is always a great idea.  When I need to accomplish a lot from home, I will not get it done in my pjs, but that's just me. 



Winter Uniform

I've talked before about the uniform.  We each have one, to some degree, for each season.  My winter uniform, forever, has been a turtleneck with some sort of pants.  Currently it's denim.  There is something about the simplicity and ease of the turtleneck that makes me love it.  Here, paired with a Calvin Klein belt fresh from TJMaxx and my boot cut Lauren jeans I'm ready for the day (along with Stuart).  


Empty Nester Dinner 

Some of our very best friends formed a dinner group after our youngest kids started college.  Each time we get together we each bring a dish we have prepared and the host chooses a theme.  This time the theme was "cooking with wine".  I had to match the theme so I pulled out this gem from my storage.  A beautifully pleated wine floral skirt.  


My love/hate for leggings

I really am okay with leggings as long as they are worn with a long shirt or tunic or dress or whatever - that covers far enough.  This was a snowy Saturday full of chores and errands.  I layered a long sleeve tshirt, distressed denim shirt, and a cashmere cardi along with snowboots, for full day.  


Faux Fur is always a good idea

This faux fur vest was an impulse buy from Target - I don't even remember how long ago.  I will continue to wear this vest every year.  Again, it's a piece that can be dressed up or worn more casual.  It can worn as a layering piece or even as outerwear on a warmer Winter day.  


My favorite pant silhouette

I've mentioned enough...I love the wide-legged cropped pant.  This pair is no exception.  When I purchased them I was determined to wear them all seasons.  I paired them to wear for a day of merchandising with a lightweight gray sweater and my danskos.  


Long Cardi

This beautiful cardigan was a gift from the Mr. last year for Christmas.  It has a removable fur collar that chose not to wear on this day.  The muted colors in this sweater make it easy to wear with almost anything.  I have a turtleneck and distressed jeans on with my danskos and I was cozy and comfortable. 

I am so looking forward to Spring and dressing a little lighter.  I would love to hear what you wore in February as your favorites.  What are you most looking forward to for Spring?  

Mid-Season Restyle

It's that time in the season, you know the middle.  The middle where you're either sick of everything you're wearing or you're wearing the same favorites over and over again, or both.  I think I have written about this in the middle of almost every season but I think it's worth mentioning again.  It's a great time to take a look at your wardrobe and perhaps do some cleaning up, some purging, some organizing perhaps. 

Let's talk purging in general.  The middle of the season is actually a great time to do this.  If you don't want to do a full a full wardrobe clean-up, just take a look at what you haven't worn at all this season.  If the item is only for certain occasions (i.e. ski sweater for skiing) leave it.  However, anything else?  Now is the perfect time to get it out of your wardrobe.  If the reason is something like - this year you don't like the way it fits or the color or cut - take it out.  If it's showing obvious signs of wear* - take it out.  It's no longer "in style"?  I think this one is a little trickier - pay attention to the item.  Is that the only reason you aren't wearing it?  Maybe it just doesn't fit your style anymore?  That's okay ...take it out.  All of these reasons are great motivators to getting these items out of your wardrobe.  

Next step - clean them (if needed) and get them to their next home.  If they are in great condition it's the perfect item for consignment.  Many of the consignment stores are close to switching from winter to spring so check before you take it.  If that's the case, no worries.  Pack the clean items in a container labeled "fall consign" and put away until then.  Items more worn but still in good condition?  Donate them to your favorite non-profit.  Items not fit for wearing or painting in?  Either trash them, use them for rags or find a non-profit that can take them and recycle.  Please don't take anything you yourself wouldn't wear and donate for someone else to wear.    This same process is true for shoes, coats, and accessories.  Take advantage of the mid-season gray days and do this now.  I know for me, this week alone, my favorite clogs literally split both soles and my favorite rain boots started leaking.  Bye bye to both.  

The good news about all of this is 2-fold really.  First and most important to'll feel better, maybe a little more put together even.  Maybe you'll be inspired to create new outfits with what has been kept.  Second - and * from the paragraph above - those items you love but are worn out?  You will find most of them on sale right now to replace.  You don't even necessarily have to wear it this season.  Pack it away new for next year and it will be a fun surprise when you unpack for fall.  

Here in West Michigan it's that point in the season when you feel like Spring is not coming.  I love doing something like a closet refresh to bring a little sunshine in.  I hope I've inspired you to do the same.  

To wear or not to wear ...

Do you have a favorite pair of pants?  You can't count jeans!  I do.  Well, more so, I have a favorite style of pant.  I found 2 pair I love equally, from different brands, so I bought them both.  The pants?  A simple wide leg cropped pant in black.  The fabric on both is a mid-weight washable fabric that makes these pants perfect for almost any time of year.   The styles though very similar, have just enough different details that it was worth buying both.  One pair is plain, zip in the front button closure.  The other pair zips on the side with silver buckles at the waist on each side.  The seaming on both pair make the pants flattering for all body types.  

pants 1.jpg

This look I paired with my MaryJanes, tights and a layered blouse and cropped sleeveless sweater for a holiday party.  If the temps had been really cold I would do fleece lined tights for warmth but otherwise I love this look for colder months.  For me, the wider leg balances my body shape and helps me own my style.  

pants 2.jpg

This look is great for fall or spring.  I have the mules I'm wearing in both fur-lined and unlined.  I paired the pants with the mules, a sleeveless mock sweater with a denim jacket.  I love the mulit-strand pearl necklace to add a pop to the outfit.  All these elements together for this outfit again, helped me own my style. I have also worn the pants with a simple long sleeve tshirt and mules and a light cardigan (or the jean jacket) for Spring or Fall.  In the summer I do the same thing with a short sleeve shirt and sandals or wedges, depending on the occasion.  I love all the options for these pants.  I have added a khaki green pair in canvas recently because I am such a fan of this silhouette.  

If you want to get technical, in most cases you see 2 key silhouettes if you are searching for a wide leg pant.  A search for a full leg/wide leg full length trouser will most likely show examples of palazzo pants. A cropped version is often called a culotte which typically reaches either knee length or calf length.  For my style, I like the cropped length better because, you guessed it, there are more options.  I love a full palazzo pant for a dressy look.  I think, if styled with perhaps a glittery top, can easily replace a cocktail dress. But, I digress or trail off... here are some examples of the cropped styles:

One of my favs....

cropped black pant - dressy.jpg

If I have a fav look, this might be it.  I paired the pants with tights and my MaryJanes (surprise!), a beautiful flowy top and used a scarf as a belt to complete the look.  This outfit I wore in the winter as well and it was perfect, regardless the temps.  This outfit was perfect for a holiday dinner the Mister and I attended.  I topped it off with my vintage pink wool full length coat which adds just the right amount of "dress" for me.  Once again, I was able to own my style in this look.  I am 5'4" which some would say is too short for a cropped wide leg pant but I disagree.  First, I don't like rules like that and second I don't think it's true.  What's always been most important is that you own what you're wearing and make it yours.  I think confidence is the best thing you wear.  

What's your favorite pant?  How are you wearing it?  How are you owning your style?

Friday Find

Some of my favorite things were all combined this past weekend.  One of my favs from my family came to visit.  We went shopping.  We discovered a new local boutique together.  In a week where it's even more important to celebrate women I chose something I bought from the boutique as my Friday Find.  

The name of the boutique is Adored.  It's located on Cherry Street here in Grand Rapids.  Here is what the boutique is all about directly from the Adored website (  The boutique carries clothing, accessories, shoes and more.  But today's find is all about the necklace I found.  

Here is a pic of the necklace alone and one of me wearing it (along with Stu).

The necklace is from a company called Mend on the Move.  (  The jewelry is made from left over car parts by "women who have survived abuse and found the courage to begin again".

What I love:  

  1. Obviously the company that made it and the mission of the company 
  2. The same of the store where I purchased it- Adored Boutique
  3. Both are local to Michigan
  4. The necklace itself is  a simple, delicate piece so there are so many options of how to wear it.  Whether layered with other pieces or worn alone I have soooo many options.  The metal is neither gold or silver which, for me, means I can mix with all!  
  5. The price - under $30 
  6. So many reasons why this is the best Friday Find in a long time.  

What are some of your favorite things this Friday ???  



Friday Find

This week I received my latest Fab Fit Fun box, the Summer Box to be exact.  If you aren't familiar with Fab Fit Fun - it is a subscription service in which you can either purchase the box each quarter or sign up for a year.  I do not currently subscribe to any other service and as you probably know, there is basically a subscription for just about anything you can imagine.  I love Fab Fit Fun because it contains a bit of everything (as you will see below) from skincare to jewelry to fitness (even things I use).  It gives me a chance to try things I probably would not normally purchase.  The best part to me?  -  the retail value of the box is always considerably more than the cost of the box.  This is a box containing full size products - no small samples here!  

Here is a peek inside the Summer Box

Included was the Avene sunscreen, Cargo HD bronzer, Michael Stars Sarong, BKR water bottle, Juice Beauty Smoothing Eye Concentrate, Klorane Dry Shampoo, *Himalayan Pink Salt kit, and the moonstone necklace.  I am so pleased with this box!  So far, of the products to try, I have only tried the Klorane dry shampoo and the bronzer.  I did an unboxing video of the box on my Youtube channel ( and immediately swatched the bronzer and sprayed the shampoo.  I love the bronzer!  Even for my pale skin, it's perfect.  The dry shampoo - when I sprayed it on my hand it appeared to be clear and I was sooooo excited.  The next day I actually applied to my hair...and argh's white!  For dark hair, I don't like it and I have to say I am a little bummed.  I have already worn the necklace, which I love.  The Michael Stars is listed ass a sarong but I will wear it mostly as a scarf and I love it! I am already using the water bottle and I am loving it.  I enjoy the color and I like the fact that the bottle is glass.  It's the perfect size to carry with me the day.  The pink salt kit and the moonstone necklace have  an asterisk because they were part of the items that you could pre-select.  For one of the selections you were asked to choose if you were best described as a chef, a traveler, or an artist.  It was tough for me to decide between chef or traveler.  I ultimately chose chef.  For a small charge I could have had both, but do I need both?? Not really.  The moonstone necklace - you could choose the color or be surprised.  I chose the coral and I am so happy I did.  

In a world of a soooo many subscription choices I really do think this is one of the best.  In addition to being a nice surprise for yourself once every three months, I think this makes an awesome (an unexpected) gift.  

This box is an awesome Friday Find!  

Friday Find

This week's find is a simple fashion necessity.  Double sided tape should be part of your "fashion kit" regardless of your bra size.  A gap between buttons, a slipping neckline, a different cut neckline - all of these are situations that occur in daily dressing.  I have been known to create a quick substitute for the real tape in a pinch - such things as scotch tape, an attempt at hiding a safety pin, a misplaced broach have all been quick fixes for me.  This type of "Macgyvering" is never a good idea.  

I typically purchase my tape from Amazon so imagine my delight when on a Target run recently I discovered this tape (along with some other great items for the fashion kit) on a side display in the beauty section :).  The cost was less than $10 and I didn't have to wait for it to arrive.  

When I searched online for the same package I could not find it at which leads me to believe it is only in the stores at this point.  There is another dress tape available but in tape reel form as opposed to this awesome travel case version.  

I have tried it only on one fabric so I will keep you posted on how it performs.  Regardless of which brand or type, you should have a fashion double sided tape in your kit.  

What are some must-haves you keep in your fashion kit??  


I was perusing thru social media and came across a gorgeous dress that immediately made me stop...see for yourself

Karl Lagerfeld Paris - Vogue 125 Rose Collection

Karl Lagerfeld Paris - Vogue 125 Rose Collection

Isn't it gorgeous?  Let me tell you why I L O V E this dress.  First, the color.  Second, the silhouette.  I love the midi length of this dress.  Next,  I love the cut and the simple details.  The neckline, the bell sleeves, the ruffles - this is everything to me!   I also adore the flowy feeling this dress has.  It's one of those pieces that looks effortless to wear.  Do you know what I mean?  Like, no matter how you feel that day, once you put this dress on, you will feel better.  So I love it!  It's available at Lord and Taylor, there is a sale right now, they have my size.  Did I order it?  No.  Why?  Several reasons of which 2 I will mention.  The price is obviously a concern and the other is I really don't have an occasion to wear a $200 dress right now.  If I had a special event that called for a dress such as this beauty we would be having a completely different conversation but I really don't right now.  I might however, find somewhere to where a dress inspired by this one if I could find it for, let's say, less of an investment :).  

I happened to be at Nordstrom Rack yesterday on another project and came across 2 beauties that really spoke to me as my inspiration from the Lagerfeld dress...and...they were both ridiculously on sale.  I am including a couple of pics :)

Top Shop Brit Ruffle

Top Shop Brit Ruffle

in the fitting room ....real life

in the fitting room ....real life

Top Shop He Loves Me

Top Shop He Loves Me

in the fitting room .... real life

in the fitting room .... real life

These dresses were both from Top Shop and both priced below $60 !  I saw in both the same color story, a similar silhouette, the pink family definitely coming thru, similar length and sleeve.  I tried both on (obviously :) ).  I did not purchase either...yet.  As much as I loved them once I tried them on the neckline wasn't working.  For me, and my height (or lack thereof) I feel like a v-neck as in the original, would be better.  I also wasn't completely happy with the uneven hemline for the same reason.  

Having stated all of that, I still believe I will find one that I love that I am inspired to purchase based on the Lagerfeld dress.  I love being inspired in this way.  I don't find this to be a "dupe" a term often used when someone finds usually a cheaper version of something they love but couldn't afford.  I wasn't trying to copy the Lagerfeld dress - I don't believe you can do that.  The Lagerfeld dress is a gorgeous dress that can't be copied.  I instead love to be inspired by it and find one that matches my style.  I talk about this often after watching a red carpet event as well.  I know I won't be wearing any of the gowns I fall in love in with but I do know the key elements of the gowns I love will inspire me to find something to wear from what I saw.  

I have a fashion challenge for you... page thru some magazines, some social media feeds, etc.  find a piece that inspires you then ...go find the perfect inspiration piece from your search.  Let me know what you decide upon.  Need help?  Need inspiration?  Let me know in the comments below.  Find the perfect piece?  Let me know that in the comments below as well.  

Be inspired!