Friday Find

This week's find is a simple fashion necessity.  Double sided tape should be part of your "fashion kit" regardless of your bra size.  A gap between buttons, a slipping neckline, a different cut neckline - all of these are situations that occur in daily dressing.  I have been known to create a quick substitute for the real tape in a pinch - such things as scotch tape, an attempt at hiding a safety pin, a misplaced broach have all been quick fixes for me.  This type of "Macgyvering" is never a good idea.  

I typically purchase my tape from Amazon so imagine my delight when on a Target run recently I discovered this tape (along with some other great items for the fashion kit) on a side display in the beauty section :).  The cost was less than $10 and I didn't have to wait for it to arrive.  

When I searched online for the same package I could not find it at which leads me to believe it is only in the stores at this point.  There is another dress tape available but in tape reel form as opposed to this awesome travel case version.  

I have tried it only on one fabric so I will keep you posted on how it performs.  Regardless of which brand or type, you should have a fashion double sided tape in your kit.  

What are some must-haves you keep in your fashion kit??