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Spending $100 for Fall ....

Fall Sales are happening everywhere right now. New fall product is in all the stores. Some of the sales happening now made me think…”if I had $100 bucks to spend on one of these sales how would I spend it?” Now - my disclaimer here ****the sales I mention in this post could END AT ANY TIME so check the website of each retailer for the current pricing ****

I am focusing on three stores -

JCrew Factory Outlet - today 40%off selected merchandise by using the promo code QUICK

Banana Republic - Select Fall Styles 40%off

Target - well, it’s Target so just great prices but quantities may be limited

Let’s look at Target first. The items I would purchase for around $100 dollars are listed below with direct links to purchase. In the caption below each item I have given a brief reason for why I would buy these items. Each item is from a new line they are carrying called Prologue. It has a modern vibe and at least here in West Michigan, not much of it is available in the stores. So, first are the paperbag waist plaid cropped pant. I love everything about this pant. It’s patterned fabric is in line with the current menswear trend as is the silhouette with the paperbag waist. Because of the pattern you have so many choices for outfits by pairing different colored tops and various styles of footwear. They will take your wardrobe to many options. The mock turtleneck. Again, on trend with the interesting sleeve. Great neutral color so easy to wear with many things (including the pants). Easily dress it up or wear it more casual. Finally, the blazer. The pattern part of the menswear trend. The blazer, a wardrobe essential. Dress it up with a silk blouse. Wear it more casual with a screen print tshirt and your favorite jeans. Perfect.

Next up is Banana Republic. Anytime they offer 40% is a great time to purchase more traditional pieces that will go from season to season, year to year. Think suits, coats, cocktail dresses, cocktail attire, etc. I chose the classic trench. This is perfection in a coat and at 40% off just brings a bit over the $100! Love it! I would also go the opposite and stock up on the basics if they too, were offered at 40% off.

Last up is JCrew Factory. Today, by entering a code you get 40% off select merchandise. I chose some great pieces and kept my total close to $100.

First is the sleeveless mock turtleneck sweater. The color is a classic neutral. As I mention in the caption you have 3 options for wearing. Layer underneath, layer over or wear alone. Options, people! Next up is the wide legged cropped chino pant. It’s a great twist to the chino pant and I couldn’t love it more. If you have followed me at all, you know I love cropped wide-legged pants. I love this color for my style but they are also available in other neutrals. Next up is the cardigan. It’s not just a cardigan though, it’s cashmere! Cashmere doesn’t go on sale very often so when it does, buy it if you can! I don’t really need to say anything else about the wardrobe value of a cardigan, do I? Last up is a great sweater, or is it a blazer??? It’s a sweater blazer and I love it. It keeps with the menswear trend but with the color choices and the softness, it has a feminine vibe which I love. Pair this with a denim shirt and chinos for a modern casual look. Pair it with a silk top and dress trousers for a more dressy vibe. Once again, Options!!

Don’t you want to shop now? I do. I have mentioned this before but I feel like I must mention it again! If you aren’t already using ebates you need to sign up now! If the retailer you are shopping from is an ebates retailer all you have to do is click thru the ebates site (or load the handy tool on your toolbar) and you get cash back for every order. No charge to you! No extra hoops! I love this! I do have a referral code listed below. If you click thru using that code I do receive a small bonus. If you would rather not use the code just go directly to ebates. Either way do it before you shop online for anything else! Speaking of codes, as I’ve mentioned before, if you click thru any of the clothing links and purchase thru the links I do receive a very small fee for you choosing to do that. However you choose to shop get your Fall goodies while the size and color you like are still available. Not sure what to purchase? I’d love to help. Contact me via this website and let’s chat!


The story of the $12 dollar skirt

A few months ago on a trip to one of my favorite consignment stores I found the cutest skirt.  It didn't have a label in it and looked to be a one-of-a-kind beauty.  I immediately loved the print of the fabric and the cut of the skirt itself.  It is an A-line skirt and the print is a blend of patterns with blues and greens.  As I talk about often, I love it when a gem in my wardrobe can be worn in different ways.  Not only can I wear this skirt in different ways and in different seasons, again I mention, it was $12 bucks! 

Here is how I wore it first:

Skirt in late November

In late November I wore it with a black turtleneck, jean jacket, tights and my all time fav MaryJanes.  Everything I'm wearing isn't available anymore, but here are some suggestions that are close 

Here is how I wore it today:


Today I wore the skirt with a simple gray long sleeve tshirt, a black cardigan and black boots.  

The t-shirt is still available here:  http://shopstyle.it/l/vY6N and the cardigan here:  http://shopstyle.it/l/vY7v  Both are on sale!  (p.s. these too are affiliate links, just so you know).

I am looking forward to Spring (I mean is anyone not???).  Here is one way I will be wearing the same skirt when Spring finally shows her face:


This is a simple tie waist white shirt from Chico's (no longer available) and my favorite pink Dansko clogs (also not available).  I did post some items similar for you to check out


All three of these looks are easy to duplicate.  Choose a great skirt and wear it with some simple closet basics - a long sleeve tshirt, turtleneck, white blouse and layer (depending on your preference) with a cardigan or jean jacket.  Add your favorite shoes or boots - simple or with a pop of color or flair and there you have it.  A fun, easy to wear skirt is the star of all of these outfits - it just happens to be a bonus because I got it for such a great price and it's wearable in any season.  Check your closet - if you wear skirts - I bet there is one you can pull from your wardrobe, match with the same items as I have, and wear it multiple seasons.  

Have fun putting together a new look and of course, owning your style.


** just a note - there are affiliate links in this post.  Not comfortable using them?  No problem just google for the items or shop for yourself at your favorite sites.  

The Mister recently took me to Chicago to celebrate my birthday and a "labor day weekend show".  While in Chicago we stayed at one of my favorite hotels there and did some great, yet limited, shopping.  I may share some of my shopping stories later but for now we will focus on where I had the most "luck".  

After working in retail most of my professional life, customer service is really number 1 for me.  If the service is poor I won't stick around to shop.  If the service is great, I will give almost any store a try.  Do you know what I mean?  There are stores that just aren't right for me whether it be my age or size or whatever but, of the stores I choose to shop it's the service that determines if I stay long enough to look around.  We visited one of my favorites first.  I was in the mood for some new shoes and this store is  known not only for shoes, but also for it's service.  I was looking for a particular brand and style.  I had to approach a sales associate which is not typical of this store.  When I inquired about the shoe in question she pointed to "where they would be if we had them".  Guess what I did next...well I typically would have exited.  But, I tried one more time....this time I got a different denial "nope, that doesn't sound familiar".  I replied that I had seen them on their website, after her shoulders shrugged,  I left.  

We traveled on.  The next stop was Loft.  Loft is a store I either have a ton of luck at or can't even find a scarf.  This time was awesome and it started the minute I walked in the door and was greeted.  The service was fantastic which caused me to try stuff on (key to making a purchase).  I was treated with respect, and had fun and some laughs while there.  It was a great experience overall.  I bought some great pieces for fall and never would have bought as much had it not been for the sales associate.  I thanked her personally before I left the store as she did not take care of my purchases, someone else did.  Folks in retail always hear the bad but don't hear the good often enough :)  

So on to the shopping and what I got (or as the folks say...my haul).  What caught my eye initially was a pair of cropped pants in the window that looked stunning....really. I immediately walked in, asked for that pant and chose them to try.  Here is what I bought:

A few things about each piece...

1)  The back button sweater.  The color is a lovely shade of gray, which for me is a great neutral.  The sweater is lightweight enough I won't sweat to death in it but truly says cooler weather.  It will be to layer or wear alone.  It will be great dressed up with pearls and a skirt or casual with a pair of distressed jeans.

2)  I don't remember the official name but this is a long sleeve tee "ramped up with style"  It's again gray (okay it's my new obsession).  It's long enough to wear with a lot of different bottoms.  Again, this piece can be worn alone or layered.  It can also be dressed up a bit with the scarf seen in the haul :) 

3)  You guys this skirt!  It's a great knit material.  It's got fantastic detailing with the buttons in the front.  The minute I put it on I had tons of ideas swirling in my head for what I could do with this single piece.  Dressed with tights, a turtleneck and my chunky Mary Janes.  Tights and high boots and a sweater.  Sheer hoisery, dressy Mary Janes or my SJP Carrie heels and dressy sweater or silk blouse, Long sleeve tshirt and booties and tights, or as pictured with a denim shirt and tights and brown boots....on and on.  

4)  The scarf...the picture does not do the colors justice.  There is a vibrant persimmon type shade in this scarf paired with the shades of wine in this.  It's beautiful.  It can be worn simply with a sweater, jean jacket or would look great with a camel blazer.

5)  The star ...the black pants.  I have already worn these.  The material is wonderful.  It's washable (yay) and soooo comfortable.  The cropped length is great year round with so many shoe choices.  (Including those shoes I was searching for at the fancy store).  I can't say enough good things about these pants.  Worn with a denim shirt and loafers for fall or paired with a beautiful silk blouse for New Year's Eve...both will work.  Win!

The best part of the whole deal...ALMOST all of it was 40% and I earned the infamous Loft Cash to spend later.  Go ahead, get out there and shop.  Shop wisely - get versatile pieces you can wear lots of different ways and more than one year.  Have fun!  Reward great service with a sincere thank you!  Have fun!  As always, if you need advice or tips don't hesitate to contact me.