Color and Your Style

Color in your wardrobe can be magic.  If done well, it's beautiful magic. Color can not only brighten your mood (and the mood of others around you), it can also brighten your complexion.  Edith Head, the famous costume designer, once said of color "color can completely change not only the appearance, but the mood of any woman, whether she is an actress or a housewife".  (Before we go any further, please don't comment on the latter part of the quote and the woman being an actress or housewife - the quote is from 1967).  

Adding color to your outfit is simple.  What you must first decide is how much color you want to use in your outfit.  Here are some different ways I like to add color to my outfit:

orange pants with jean jacket.png

Full Color bottom with more color on top

If you like to wear color throughout your outfit, try making your accessories the extra pop of color.  I wore this great tomato orange pant, black tshirt, denim jacket and then more color with a coordinating scarf.

full color bottom, neutral top

Full Color Bottom, Neutral Top

Try wearing the pop of color in a bottom and keeping it simple on top.  Here, the tomato orange pant but paired with a white tshirt and yellow accents carried with the belt and scarf.

color on top with neutral bottom

Add Color with your top and Neutral bottom

Simple orange tshirt paired with khaki green pants.  The belt adds some extra color but also ties the whole color palette together (I love the scarf-as-a-belt thing).

color and print on top with a neutral (jean) for the bottom

Colorful !  

Try pairing a bright top with jeans, add another colorful layer to the top to pull the look together.

Bright floral dress with jeans

How about a colorful dress or tunic ?

Get the most out of your wardrobe by wearing pieces in more than one way.  A dress as a tunic over skinny jeans is one of my favorite ways to do this.  The dress pictured has a colorful underpinning which gives it just enough extra pop!  Easily add more color with a bright shoe and don't forget a statement earring if you like!  

Color and Print combined, Paired with White

Go full color with a Print!

Be bold in your color choice with a colorful print pant, skirt, or dress.  When I wear these pants I tend to keep the top either white or denim but you could easily pull any of the colors thru.  

bright top with neutral pant

Bright Top with Neutral Bottom

Add the colorful print on top and keep it simple on the bottom with a neutral pant.  Here I paired with a neutral shoe but you could easily pop more color with a shoe and even more with a bright, bold statement earring. 

neutral bottom and top then color added as the layer

Add a Pop of Color with the last layer.

Pair neutral pants (or skirt) with a simple tshirt and then add the "pop" on the last layer.  I love the idea of a scarf as a belt because the patterns and colors can really shine thru.  If you are just introducing color to your wardrobe accessories are the best place to start.  Think shoes, scarves, statement necklaces, and earrings for sure.

printed gili with anything

A versatile layering Piece full of Color

Invest in a layering piece full of color!  I promise you will find so many different ways to wear it.  If you follow me here or on social media you know, I wear this gili all.the.time!  

I holope this inspires you to add more color to your wardrobe.  If you already wear color, I hope this inspires you to wear your pieces in different combinations to make your wardrobe truly work for you!  

Need assistance ?  Let me know in the comments below.  I would love to see the outfit you create with color - post it below or on my facebook page !