Quick blurb on a Great sale this week

You know I love a good sale, and by good I mean great prices and great quality.  Gap is currently in 20% off everything mode.  I love these all inclusive percentages because it's a great time to stock up on basics.  I won't bore you again by talking about how your white tshirts and camis and tanks should be white.  Or how your black t's and tanks and camis should be black (and not washed out gray) but now is a great time to check them to be sure.  I took the liberty to link a few of my favs below.  (As I've mentioned before, these are affiliate links so if you'd rather not shop with them just go to the site directly)

The items pictured are all items I own and love.  They wash well, layer well, and wear well.  You can't miss with any of them really.  They may seem boring and neutral but....that's kind of the point!  Add your style with the rest of the outfit.  Hurry Sale ends June 23, 2018! 


Happy Shopping!