What Should I Wear to.... Date Night

It's the middle of a heat wave and you finally have a chance for a date night.  The problem is you don't know what to wear.  Don't give up the chance to go out and spend time with your special someone just because of the weather!  Here are my picks for a hot (temps, people!) night out.

What Silhouette? 

Choose something flowy with a looser fit.  Think flowy dress.  An A-line is a great example of the shape perfect for warmer temperatures.   You don't wear dresses?  No problem, go for a flowy wide-legged pant and simple top.  I love the option of a jumpsuit that has a fuller cut leg and not full-length as well.

What Fabric?  - 

Think natural fabrics.  Go for cotton, linen, silk or some blend of any of those.  It's the natural fabric that will continue to breath all evening for you and keep you comfortable.  

How to stay comfortable all evening?

Think layers and possibilities.  Chances are you will be in and out of air conditioning so you will need a layer to add or take off.  I love the idea of a white shirt tied at the waist for this.  You could easily do a denim shirt in it's place.  The other option would be a cardigan, of course.  


I've put together a few of my top picks below.  (Yes, if you order the exact item thru the link I do get a small commission).  Maybe it's time to go shopping or...maybe this will inspire you to shop your own closet.  Either way, take time to spend time, with your someone special soon.