Surviving Pre-Spring

So, let's face it, this Spring is taking awhile to get here - I think almost everywhere.  Here in West Michigan it's still snowing....<sigh>

Anyway, the best way to get thru this awkward weather season is with layers.  I have a couple of favorites that are perfect for this in-between season we find ourselves in.  Denim jackets and long cardigans paired with a casual pant are the basic "uniform"/first layer and then you simply add accessories and footwear to #ownyourstyle.  With these pieces as the base, the possibilities are endless. First up, the long cardigan.  Really, any cardigan, but I think the long cardigan for the "right now" as a bit more style. Personally, I pack all wool away once April 1st is here but it doesn't mean I don't continue to wear sweaters.  I have a couple of simple long cardigans I wear.  One is a sleeveless "vest" or gili style (if you're in my age range or older think Maude).  Both options are cotton and in neutral shades so I can wear with most anything.  I don't know what to say about a denim jacket I haven't said forever's versatile, timeless and can look great on anyone.  I do have a couple of denim jackets in my wardrobe but you really only need one.  Though it can obviously be worn as a piece of outerwear I think it is much more stylish as a layering piece and great for all 4 seasons in one way or another.    

Below are some of my favorite picks for the key pieces I've mentioned.  Someone mentioned to me last week that I don't post enough options in more size choices so I have done that here as well.

I wanted to include some looks I've worn using the same key pieces - here are a few:

As I mentioned earlier, adding your style to any of these looks comes from the accessories and shoes in many ways.  Sometimes just a "pop" of color added in a scarf is enough.  You can transform the same pieces by merely changing the scarf for a stacked necklaces and large earrings.  You can give a completely different feel to the outfit depending on your footwear as well.  I know that Spring is on the horizon but in the meantime I am going to dress like I'm enjoying the weather anyway!  

I'd love to hear how what's in your wardrobe survival kit for right now - leave me your comments below!