Khakis, a tshirt and a jacket

I posted an outfit I wore to work with handbags and shoes earlier this week.  The key components, or uniform, to this outfit were a great pair of khakis and a simple tshirt.   Specifically, the khakis are made with some stretch which is not only great for comfort but adds to the wrinkle-resistance war as well as lends to a nicer "finish" on the material.  The tshirt was just a great basic tee in a neutral gray.  The real story here is what happens next...

This simple outfit is one of the uniforms I keep in my closet.  I have mentioned uniforms of sorts, many times before not just here in my musings but in some of my videos as well. (  A uniform style wardrobe is one system that can make getting dressed a lot easier.  The uniform refers to the basic pieces and then your own style comes in with how you finish the look.  For example, the outfit I posted this week - to this outfit I added a scarf for a belt and a great structured cardigan not only as a layer but a great pop of color as well.  There are soooo many more outfits to be made from this uniform.  Here are some pics to show you!

khakis start.png

This was the first version of the khakis, tshirt and jacket story.  

khakis jacket 1.png

Version 2

this time the uniform is completed with a Spring Jacket (, platform sandals and multi-strand pearl necklace.  This is a great Easter outfit, work outfit for some, or date night.  

khakis jacket 3.png

Version 3

this time layered with a navy striped jacket and navy shoes.  The neck "scarf" can be attached to the outside of the jacket, worn as I have pictured here, or worn as belt for a different look.  You can't see it here but there is a great thin stripe of a tomato red/orangy color in the jacket that I might match with a different colored tshirt as well. 

Khakis  jacket 4.png

Version 4

I have completed this version with a black menswear inspired jacket, the scarf worn previously as a belt this time as a scarf (go figure!), and black pumps.  I would easily switch and wear my platform MaryJanes and some chunky jewelry and completely change the "vibe"of this outfit.

Just as I'm looking through the photos I am imagining other versions of this uniform to come for Spring.  As I mentioned in the last version, just by changing the accessories you can transform even one version to another.  This type of dressing leads the way for endless wardrobe possibilities and less stress when getting ready.  What are some of your favorite uniforms??  I would love to hear what you're favs are - comment below!  It would be crazy of me to not mention that if you live in the West Michigan area and would love assistance in creating your wardrobe uniforms, contact me, I would love to help!