This is the year ....

It's supposed to be Spring and therefore, we should be thinking all things Spring clothes, right?  One of the signs of Spring dressing for me is after Easter I pull out more white from my wardrobe.  White pants and white handbags to be more specific.  For my clients this is also the time I start creating outfits using their white jeans.  For me personally, I don't like wearing white jeans - I can't explain it - I have just never seen them as my style until now, I think.  I have spotted so many cute styles available now from plain to distressed to cropped I decided now is the perfect time to take the plunge.  

Here are just a few of the styles I am liking right now:

As is the case when buying denim (or swimsuits for that matter), you must go try them on.  Try on many, I might add, in many cases to find the best pair for you.  I love to shop local so I went to a great boutique here in West Michigan that not only has awesome clothes but has a mission behind the clothing they sell.  It's called Adored.  You can read all about their mission here:

I have looked and tried many a pair of white denim prior to this journey so I immediately found a pair here I would try.  This pair was cut a bit fuller thru the leg and was also distressed in the right places, which I love.  I tried 2 different sizes on and found a winner.  Let's be honest, it's been a long winter - there may be a few extra lbs that have been added to my body so the first pair didn't work.  Want to see?  The first clip is the pair that "fit" but didn't,  I wouldn't wear them if I bought this pair.  Too tight in the waist - slight muffin top - not ever a good look - ever. 


The second pair, much better fit.  More pics to come as I begin to pair them and wear them.  What a fun adventure though, trying something I wouldn't normally wear.  Trying something I have had on the "not wear" list for so long.  What's something on your " no wear" list?  Maybe this is the season to give it a try!  Let me know what you're up to in the comments !