Just a Friendly Reminder from Your Closet

One of my favorite things to do for a client is the full Closet Restyle packages.  I've written about it here before and I've even create a video about it as well.  The package begins at 3 hours and can increase based on the client.  The first part of the restyle is the purge of the closet.  That's what I wanted to remind you of today for your own closet.  In a Closet Restyle, after we remove all the clothes from the closet, the client and I together decide what will return to the closet and what won't.  That part is the purge.  The purge, as I'm sure already know, is where you take clothes away that won't be returning.  This is a common step in wardrobe organization that all stylists, organizers, organized folks - all talk about.  It typically involves following steps to get rid of clothing using some sort of checklist based on criteria such as how often you wear the item, the last time you wore the item, etc.  I think this is the part of the purge that stops some of you from doing the the purge to begin with.  For some, it may sound too complicated or time consuming.  For others it may sound too scary to have to part with clothes.  For others it could be they just are too busy.  I wanted to give you some simple tips to jump start your purge.  With the crazy weather everyone is experiencing (regardless where you live) there is no time like NOW to get this done.  You will feel so much better afterwards, and you will feel like you have more clothing options, I promise!

  1.  Block off the time - You've got to plan the time or you won't do this well, I promise.  I would go a step further to say - planning ahead for this will give you the right attitude to get this done as well.  Remove any distractions including your cell phone so you can truly focus on this task.
  2. Dress for this - Now is the time to wear leggings and t-shirt.  You will probably need to try a couple things on and this is the most efficient, time saving way to do that.

The last couple of tips are specifically for the purge step, which is all I am talking about today.  There are a couple of really simple things to ask yourself that will help you quickly decide whether something should stay or go.  (don't you wish everything were this simple?) 

        3.  First - go through and remove any item that has been overloved.  By overloved I mean:   pilling, holes,  or stains (including yellowing underarms on lighter colors.  These pieces don't need a long debate - they just need to go away.  These are not, by the way, clothes that should be donated to a non-profit organization.  They aren't okay for you to wear, then they shouldn't be okay otherwise.  (Exception to this would be a non-profit that has a program in which they can get money for recycling of the clothing.  Check with your favorite local non-profit

Just by completing the previous step it helps you with the next set of questions because you have already removed some pieces you don't have to figure out and the criteria was easy.  On to tip 4!

         4.  If it doesn't fit you today - standing in your closet - get. rid. of. it.  Whether too big or too small, it isn't doing you any good (and probably a bit of harm) to keep it.  If the item is still in good condition it can be worn now by someone else.  Donate it to your favorite non-profit or if in great condition, sell it.  

          5.  By the time we get to this one, you should be in a much better position to answer the next question or 2.  Handle this step by asking 1 of 2 questions about each of the remaining pieces:  "If you were in the store today would you buy this again?"  or "Have you worn this in the last year?"

The clothing you are left with for keeping is what will now go back to your closet.  The other clothing needs to leave your house NOW to avoid it creeping back in.  If you are doing this at the end of the season - so right now, if you're doing this with Winter - then obviously what you're keeping will get packed away and stored for next year.  It will be so refreshing for you when you go to switch seasons in the Fall and the wardrobe is already in place for you.  

With the season so mixed up right now for many of us, there is no time like NOW to do this for your closet.  If you do your Winter wardrobe as you're packing it away it will make it so much easier when you're ready to switch at the end of August.  If you take a look at your Spring clothes as you're moving them to wear soon (we hope) you can jump on filling in where you need a few things.  You can also take your Spring goodies to consign right on in to your favorite consignment store now instead of waiting.  If you haven't taken the purge step yet, I hope I've inspired you to get going now.  I think you'll find things you haven't worn and either create new outfits with them or say some much needed good-byes!