Dressing for Easter

It's Easter week.  I mentioned last week how I loved this time of year when I was little because it always meant a new outfit.   If you celebrate Easter, and you're going to church (andmaybe brunch) what are you wearing?  Or, another question - what's your favorite new Spring outfit?  I will be at church Friday and Sunday.  After church on Sunday we will be going to brunch with some of our family.  I am planning ahead for what to wear.  I am hoping to put together an outfit very similar to the one I've posted a picture of below.  I am hoping this will be Sunday's outfit:

I love the idea of a suit.  I love the look of it but I also love the versatility of it.  The options for wearing the pieces both together and matched with other pieces are endless.  The jacket will dress up a pair of jeans and just as easily paired over a sleeveless dress for a completely different ensemble.  The pants worn with a crisp white blouse and flat sandals will be the perfect date night outfit for Spring or a cool summer evening.  I would also love the pants with a long dressy vest and silk blouse worn with nude heels.  

You can shop directly thru my links below, if you're interested.  If you'd rather not use the links it's easy to search the items yourself using the description below each item.

Now, to think up Friday's outfit....