The Straw Bag

Spring is coming...I think.  Easter is right around the corner.  In addition to the meaning of Easter important in my faith, Easter always signaled an important and meaningful time in life growing up.  Every year before Easter we went shopping for a new outfit FOR Easter (Sunday that is).  When I say new outfit I mean:  dress, tights, shoes, coat, hat, gloves, and my favorite - a purse.  I could spend hours talking about the shopping trip and what it meant to me but I'll save that for another time.  Let's talk about the purse.  I love handbags/purses.  That is not a secret to anyone who knows me.  The Easter purse was typically 1 of 2 things- either a patent leather or a straw bag.  I think a straw bag is a great addition to any handbag wardrobe.  The straw bag can be oversized and casual or more structured and feminine.  When shopping for a straw bag don't compromise on the materials.  If you buy a bag made of quality materials it will truly last you a very long time.  I have a beautiful straw bag given to me on Mother's Day a few years ago which I adore.  It is classic in style and timeless in fashion.


purse box.jpg


When any of my handbags aren't being carried I keep them in their dustbag and stored all in one place.  For a delicate straw bag it's nice to have the original box as well. 

straw bag.jpg

Straw Bag

Classic styling, neutral leather trim, and silver hardware make this a great versatile straw handbag. 



Here are some of my favorites I've seen this year.

Which of these bags would be the best fit in your wardrobe?  I'd love to hear how your Spring wardrobe is shaping up.  Let me know in the comments below.  Have questions on how to get going?  Contact me or mention them in the comments!