Is it time to go shopping?

I posted a PSA (public service announcement) on social media a couple of days ago in regards to your summer clothes.  Though it's only June 1st, and the temperatures aren't quite steady summer temps yet, it is time to get whatever you need (want) for your summer wardrobe.  The selections, your sizes, your color preferences, will quickly dwindle starting now.  By July summer sales will be in full swing and before you know it - Back-to-school sales will start.  I know !  I know!  Don't rush it!  I don't want to, but I promise, you will thank me in July when you have just the shorts and t-shirt you want to wear :).

I traveled to our local outlet mall over the holiday weekend armed with some great coupons and my favorite college student.  We were both able to get some great deals at a couple of our favorite outlet stores in that center.  

With holiday sales and coupons (bonus!) I find it's the best time to not only replace those basics you need like t-shirts but it's also a great time to pick up a trendy piece or 2 without spending the bank.  JCrew Factory had an awesome storewide event and I was able to pick up a great basic t-shirt and a trendier one as well.  I spent less than expected, which is always great.  Of course, the sale is over and I am kicking myself for not getting a couple more of the t-shirts - they fit really well and wash equally as nice.  Here is a quick look at the t-shirt and how I have worn it already:

JCrew Studio T - gray      

JCrew Studio T - gray



There are still some great sales happening at many stores and online.  I encourage you to take inventory of your basics and get what you "need" in that category, at least, for now.  Top of your list should be shorts and tops as these are things that will disappear the quickest.  The other hot seller right now would be swimwear, but let's not even start on that topic now....


I would love to hear what you're buying and I would love to help if I can...leave a comment or contact me directly.  

Happy Shopping