Friday Find

The tale of this Friday's Find begins with an unfortunate "slip" (pun intended) earlier this week.  I happened to be wearing one of my favorite pair of summer shoes - a pair of Clarks nude colored wedges that I wear ALL SUMMER.  While walking in the house my foot got caught on the ledge of the doorway in the breezeway.  Argh...I put a rip of sorts, on the top of my shoe and scraped my toenail to boot!  Now what??????  I need this shoe - or one like it.  I need a nude wedge in my wardrobe.  I wear them with dresses, cropped jeans, pants, etc.  The color, being nude :), goes with everything.   I purchased these shoes a couple of years ago so I first pulled up at the order (QVC) but the shoes are no longer available.  The budget for a replacement is not big so I had to do some "fashion investigation".  Luckily, Amazon came thru for me.  I actually had several options to choose from in a nude wedge-like shoe.  I decided on the cork wedge in nude, also Clarks (so I knew the fit would be great as would the quality) AND they were a great price.  Thanks to Prime - they arrived a quick 2 days later. 

I have to be honest, I do not love these like the others but that's okay.  The color is great, the fit is good, they are comfortable, and the quality is great.  The only true downside is the footbed is suede and (this may be tmi) and my feet sweat, a lot.  I will be watching to see if the color changes too fast.  In the meantime, I am taking the favs to my local shoe repairman to see if he can work any magic to repair my "slip".  

Have you been out searching for any replacements to your favs?  I 'd love to hear more.  Leave your finds in the comments below.