Own it and fix it if you need to...

Listen, I am the person that says "own your style!"  "be yourself!"  But, I also know when something isn't right you need to fix it, or forget it!  Or...choose a different outfit.  I bought this beautiful silk, flowy, jacket-like, piece at the beginning of Spring.  I even wrote in a musing how I might wear it different ways including with just a tank underneath.  So, today when I put on a tank and then the beautiful, flowy, "jackety" (I know that's not a word) piece on top and caught a glimpse in the mirror...well let's just say I couldn't own it!  Here's what I mean:

I am pretty sure my face in the pic (both pics) gives it away but just in case:  pic on the left is bad... pic on the right....better.

So I layered with the tank just like I told me to.  I didn't, however, take into account the particular tank I had would be so form fitting and so transparent.  People!! Do you see my pale skin and my stomach?  Do you see all the "bumps" underneath from my jeans, the waistband and all?  Do you see clearly where my pale skin ends and the jeans start?  If you don't either the picture quality is bad or you might need a trip to get new spectacles!  I didn't feel good in this outfit.  I was not owning my style.  I didn't feel confident.  These are the characteristics I look for when I am helping clients choose their best looks.  It isn't so much about fashion rules as it is about how you feel.  So, I knew I had to change the outfit without changing the concept (and do it quickly).  I simply added a thin tshirt over the tank and that's what you see in pic 2.   The flowy colorful outer layer is still the star of this outfit but now the layer underneath looks good as well.  You don't see anything you aren't meant to see and the focus is not on the bad tank.  

This just goes to show that you must own your style!  You can do several looks with one piece.  You can be inspired but you have to make the look work for you!  If you want to capture the look but the first try didn't do it, fix it!