White pants ....

Since it's Tuesday I guess I could have called this "Try it Tuesday" or "Tuesdays are for trying" but, no.  If you know me very well you know that for me personally, I do not like white pants.  I have thought of maybe trying a white jean and quickly talked myself out of that.  I have always been opposed to white pants for sure.  I can't fully explain why I don't like them perhaps a little "ice-cream man"?  For me there is such a fine line between the pants looking cute and going over to the frumpy side - which I cannot take.  When I am helping a client I try not to let my own style preferences carry over into helping them discover their style.  The white pant issue is no exception.  I have assisted with many a cute combination using a white bottom, all the while avoiding ever adding it my own closet.

Until now... A few days ago I posted a picture of a recent haul from White House Black Market.  In that pic was a pair of white pants.  It's taken several days for me to even try them on again but today I did.  I am wearing them today paired with a loose fitting multi-colored tshirt.  The pants are very lightweight cotton with lots of seaming details and even a couple of zippers.  I purchased them for 3 reasons really:  1)  they were on sale  2)  they are lightweight and it's the hottest week of the year here and I don't like shorts  3)  sometimes I feel like you need to branch out.  So here we are - with me wearing white pants.  I have gone between feeling okay and feeling borderline frumpy so I will see how the day plays out.  I will try them a couple of different times, worn a couple of different ways to give them a fair shot.  

Which camp are you in????  Do you wear white pants ??  No Way!!  or Yaass girl!!  Let me know your thoughts.