subscription box

Friday Find

This week I received my latest Fab Fit Fun box, the Summer Box to be exact.  If you aren't familiar with Fab Fit Fun - it is a subscription service in which you can either purchase the box each quarter or sign up for a year.  I do not currently subscribe to any other service and as you probably know, there is basically a subscription for just about anything you can imagine.  I love Fab Fit Fun because it contains a bit of everything (as you will see below) from skincare to jewelry to fitness (even things I use).  It gives me a chance to try things I probably would not normally purchase.  The best part to me?  -  the retail value of the box is always considerably more than the cost of the box.  This is a box containing full size products - no small samples here!  

Here is a peek inside the Summer Box

Included was the Avene sunscreen, Cargo HD bronzer, Michael Stars Sarong, BKR water bottle, Juice Beauty Smoothing Eye Concentrate, Klorane Dry Shampoo, *Himalayan Pink Salt kit, and the moonstone necklace.  I am so pleased with this box!  So far, of the products to try, I have only tried the Klorane dry shampoo and the bronzer.  I did an unboxing video of the box on my Youtube channel ( and immediately swatched the bronzer and sprayed the shampoo.  I love the bronzer!  Even for my pale skin, it's perfect.  The dry shampoo - when I sprayed it on my hand it appeared to be clear and I was sooooo excited.  The next day I actually applied to my hair...and argh's white!  For dark hair, I don't like it and I have to say I am a little bummed.  I have already worn the necklace, which I love.  The Michael Stars is listed ass a sarong but I will wear it mostly as a scarf and I love it! I am already using the water bottle and I am loving it.  I enjoy the color and I like the fact that the bottle is glass.  It's the perfect size to carry with me the day.  The pink salt kit and the moonstone necklace have  an asterisk because they were part of the items that you could pre-select.  For one of the selections you were asked to choose if you were best described as a chef, a traveler, or an artist.  It was tough for me to decide between chef or traveler.  I ultimately chose chef.  For a small charge I could have had both, but do I need both?? Not really.  The moonstone necklace - you could choose the color or be surprised.  I chose the coral and I am so happy I did.  

In a world of a soooo many subscription choices I really do think this is one of the best.  In addition to being a nice surprise for yourself once every three months, I think this makes an awesome (an unexpected) gift.  

This box is an awesome Friday Find!