White House Black Market

Adventures in trying on

I recently received an advertising brochure from White House Black Market with new Spring arrivals and....a coupon!!  I decided to take a trip to the store and try some of my favorites on.  

I am including the video here to show you how the trip went. 

I hope you enjoy this adventure.  I hope it inspires you to take some time and shop some of the newest spring arrivals and try them on.  What will surprise you is some of your favs may not be and some things you would never dreamed of loving will be your new favorites.  

I would love to hear of your try-on adventures!  Contact me via this website with your stories or if you need some fresh inspiration or help!

Jeans and Fall

As I have mentioned before, there are special times of the year that are best for buying different products.  During the "special" time, the prices and selection will be better.  The new styles of whatever the item is will be introduced and selections will be at their best overall.  For example, January is the best time to buy both a television and bedding.  Well, August is that "special" time for jeans.  This is the time of year when not only do the basics typically go on sale, but also new styles, colors and trends are introduced.  

I have just a few suggestions about buying denim.

1)  You MUST try on and try on and then try on some more.  Take 2 sizes of each style in the fitting room with you.  Once you have success and find a cut, fit, size, etc you love on you only then will you not have to try on to purchase a second pair.  Trust me on this one.  The time you spend will be significant but the pay off is better.

2)  Get out of your comfort zone.  Go to a store you don't typically go to.  Try a style you don't typically go for.  

3)  If your budget allows, make a plan to buy 2 new pair.  One pair will be known as your "basic" pair.  This is the pair you can put on with anything on any given day and feel good in.  The second pair is your "trendy" pair.  This pair will be more fashion forward, perhaps more dressy or more edgy.  This pair will be perfect for dinner out, a date night, or a night out with friends.  If the budget is small, spend more on the basic pair.  Trust me.  

Here are some of my picks for the Trendy pair

Jeans and Fall

White House Black Market jeans



White House Black Market skinny jeans

Most of the styles I have shown have a small amount of stretch in them.  This is great not only for comfort but for keeping their shape after wear as well.  The Kut from the Kloth is one of my favorite brands.  Just this fall they have introduced their Kurvy Kut which is perfect if you have fuller hips and a smaller waist (yay me!).  

I encourage you to do your homework in advance.  Peruse online and write down some styles you want to try and then plan some time to shop stress-free.  Grab your favorite drink from your friendly Starbucks (or your choice) and enjoy this adventure.