Hey! How about a white blouse??

I've written and made a couple of videos on the 7 essentials I think everyone should have in their closet.  One of the best 7 is a simple white shirt.  Based on how you #ownyourstyle your white shirt will be all about that.  A couple of examples would be: if your style is more classic and tailored you white shirt is probably a tailored, simple white button down blouse.  If, on the other hand, your style is perhaps boho your white blouse may be fuller cut or loose, and have more interesting details such as a bell sleeve or possibly embroidery details of some sort.  Regardless, I do believe you should have a white blouse in your wardrobe and wear it!  

As we head in to Spring now is a great time to take a look at the one you own or buy one if you don't have one already.  I put together a list of just a few of my favorites including the version I talk about in the video, which I have also added below.

The top 5 ways to get the most wear from your white blouse are easy, here they are:

  1. Wear it simply with your favorite jeans or casual pants.  Make it your own.  Add accessories that define your style.  Perhaps a chunky necklace or several necklaces layered together.  Maybe a scarf tied close around your neck or maybe just a simple delicate necklace.  Instead of a necklace maybe a pair of big statement earrings is more your style. 
  2. Layer it under a short-sleeved dress!  So cute.  It adds more wear-time for the blouse and the dress from your closet.  
black dress white shirt.jpg

3.  Over a Strapless (or spaghetti strapped) dress.  Worn unbuttoned and tied over a strapless dress on a cool evening is great alternative to a shrug or jean jacket.

4.  Under a Sweater or Turtleneck.  This one may seem like an obvious option but is often forgotten.  I love the look with collar just creeping out of a turtleneck sweater.  This is also great for under a vest or cropped sweater.

Not always a sweater - but I love this look.  

Not always a sweater - but I love this look.  

5.  The last look is either achieved by borrowing from a man's closet or buying a tunic style white blouse.  I love to complete this look by rolling the sleeves back to a cuff or better yet - french cuffs and adding cuff links is awesome.  #ownyourstyle with your cuff links.  Use brooches or pins instead of actual cuff links!

Don't forget about the white blouse in your closet.  I would love to see a pic of how you are wearing yours.  Add it to the comments section and share your style!  


Here is the video from last year I mentioned: