Staying at home for the day ...

It snowed ALL weekend and the Mr. was sick.  What that means for me is, I didn't leave the house.  I am a true driving chicken if the roads appear too "bad" for me.  Staying home though, for me, if I want to get anything done but binge watch tv, means I still need to get dressed for the day.  Pajamas all day don't work for me.  I like to have clothes that look presentable and won't scare an unexpected guest or the UPS person.  More important, I like to dress so I"m motivated to get stuff done.  I am posting a pic of some of my "stay at home clothes".  Some folks in my family call them "house clothes".  You may have a different name, I don't know.  I suggest if you're staying in for the day, dress anyway.  What I wear at home I could easily throw some shoes on with and still run an errand and not be worried or embarassed.  

stays at home.jpg

Below is a link to the pants I'm wearing.  The top is not available.  I would also love to add the leggings to my wardrobe for home -- love them!

This is an outfit from the Gap that I actually purchased for this specific reason.  I have a couple of outfits that I have just for stay at home days.  It's great news for my skin on days like this too because they are  "fresh face" days.  It's a great time to do a mask or facial treatment as well.  But, I digress - back to the outfit.  As I mention often, I believe how you dress truly has an impact on how you feel,  your self-confidence, etc.  This is why I pay attention to what  I wear on stay at home days (or weekends) just as much.  I think this is even more important if you work from home every day. You have to go about a work day at home the same as you would if you were going outside the house to work.   I would love to know your work from home wardrobe favs or your "I'm staying in today" wardrobe.