Gray Dress

I love a piece in my wardrobe that really "pays" for itself.  A piece that can be worn in different ways for different occasions and all the while easy to wear and doesn't cause any stress.  I have mentioned before about investment pieces in your wardrobe.  The pieces that will remain in your wardrobe for any length of time are worth spending a little more money on.  Having said that it's not about always spending more money as much as it is about finding quality pieces to build your wardrobe.  I found this gray dress last year on a sale rack at TJMaxx.  The silhouette of the Aline along with the ease of the fabric makes the dress flattering on many body types.  The neckline allows for so many options of accessories from a simple strand of pearls to a scarf to layers of necklaces.  Options ...we always need options.  I love that I can totally change the feel of the dress based on footwear.  Pair it with tights and boots, tights and my fav MaryJanes, booties or even pumps.  I can layer underneath with a long sleeve tee to give it a more casual vibe or keep it simple with a scarf around the neck and no layer underneath for a totally different look.  

I love going to the closet and pulling something out to wear that didn't take much effort but still looks great instantly.  There is always mention of a Little Black Dress but not often of the gray dress.  A dress like this I would have been willing to spend more than the $30 bucks I spent but I was lucky enough to find a bargain.  If you don't have a versatile dress like this, find one you love like I did and have fun finding all the different ways to wear it.  

gray dress layered
gray dress simple with booties
gray dress layered again