Investing in Winter

If you're like me and it's winter where you live, stay tuned.  

I will state some obvious things first.  Winter is cold.  Fashion is great.  Getting a great item on sale is awesome.  Staying warm while looking great is even better.  Just because you love fashion and live where it is cold right now doesn't mean you still can't look and feel fabulous.  Having stated the obvious, I have to state the practical as well.  You can't forgo function for the sake of fashion.  In addition, and equally important, there are key winter pieces that will be investment pieces.  Pieces you need to spend money on in order to get the quality and function you need.  The bonus?  There are sales everywhere right now so you may be able to find the high quality you need for a lower price.  Here is what I mean:

Let's start with the coat.  If you live in a cold climate winter is not the time to buy the cute lightweight jacket.  You need to invest in a piece that's going to keep you warm.  At the same time I know, you don't want to look like a marshmallow.  I believe the best place for outerwear is Eddie Bauer.  No one told me to say that, I just believe it's true.  (full disclosure, I did work for Eddie Bauer a million years ago).  The coats are down-filled but not overly heavy and guaranteed to keep you warm.  The color choices and design will add the fashion necessary to take away any feelings of frump.  The quality is second to none. You will truly be able to wear this coat for many years and with the classic style you won't have to worry about whether it's on trend or not.   Bonus*--many styles are on sale right now.  Don't forget the gloves.  Look for a pair with thinsulate lining  so even though they aren't think sausage fingers, you hands will be warm.  

Boots - I am not quite as brand loyal on boots but I will say, again this should be an investment piece.  You need to spend money to get a great pair of boots that will not only keep your feet warm, but more importantly dry.  Again, I like a cute pair of boots with heels as much as the next fashionista, but you need function here people!  Pictured are a great pair of Sorel brand boots.  They "check off all the boxes" for what to buy in winter boots.  They will keep your feet warm and dry, they are excellent quality, AND super cute.  I would pair these boots just as quickly with a cute sweater dress as I would leggings and a sweater.  

Speaking of sweaters and dresses.  I love the look of a sweater dress in the winter.  You can still make that happen and look great.  Pair the dress with fleece-lined tights and the boots and you still look like you own your style.  I think it's important to mention, whether it's a sweater or sweater dress - spend you money here.  Don't buy the cheaply made trendy piece.  Either save up fashion dollars for the investment or better still - buy the better quality on sale.  January is a great time to find cashmere and high-quality merino wool on sale.  

I know for many of us, we are thick in the middle of snow and cold cold weather, but at least for me, I want to still own my style.  Stay warm and not frumpy out there fashionistas!!