Mid-Season Check-In

We are nearing the end of July now.  For most of us that means summer is more than halfway over.  Now is the perfect time to take a look at your wardrobe and truly see how it is working for you.  Make changes NOW - this will help as you make your way not only thru the rest of this season but also, as you pack away summer and pull out early fall in just a short time.  I have 5 easy steps for you :) :

1)  Evaluate - It's time to go thru your clothing including your accessories and shoes.  What is working and what isn't.  What have you truly not worn all season that is just taking up valuable wardrobe real estate?  What has stains, non-repairable issues, lost it's shape, etc. ?  What doesn't fit anymore?  (Don't spend too long on this one, really!)  If it doesn't fit or equally important, you don't like the way it fits, time to go. Do you have pieces that you have worn so much you are sick of them?   If you have items that once were white and are not anymore or items that were once black and now a shade closer to gray, time to say good-bye.  Which leads me to step 2...

2)  Eliminate - Whatever didn't make the cut from step 1 needs to get out of not only your closet, but your house!  If you keep it there for too long it's likely to creep back in to rotation on a day of desperation.  Part of this process is deciding where it should go.  Let me say again, if it isn't in a condition you would wear it, please don't donate to an organization for the same purpose.  Some non-profits do however, take clothing classified as rags and they can get money for this.  Check at your favorite donation site before you drop off.  Now, to step 3.

3)  Donate- Choose a non-profit organization that best fits you and your beliefs and donate your gently used clothing and accessories to them.  Do it soon so they still have time to get to those people that need it the most.  If you have some almost-same-as-new pieces you would like to consign you may be best served to clean and pack away neatly until early next year for a fresh consignment drop off.  Many consignment stores, like retail stores, are gearing up for fall now.  Your best return on investment will be next year.  

4)  Create - Take a look at the "survivors" of your first step.  Now is a great time to create new ways to wear the pieces you are keeping so your wardrobe feels refreshed.  It's also a great time to begin thinking about which pieces will roll over to the early fall transition period when the temps are so unpredictable.  

5)  Shop.  I know I know.  I was on a roll with the lingo but there isn't a word in the same sound series of evaluate, eliminate, donate, create that means buy new stuff :)  This is a great time of year to stock up on not only basics such as tshirts and tanks, but it's also a great time to purchase early fall pieces as well.  There are a million blog posts and videos about shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale so I certainly didn't need to do one.  Nordstrom and other retailers offer you a sneak peek and purchase time right now to buy new fall goods at a reduced price or percentage off.  This is a great time to add things like denim, boots, coats, sweaters, and other pieces essential to fall regardless of trends.  At the same time, summer merchandise is mostly on sale right now as well.  It's a great time to pick up things like white tshirts, other basic tshirts, tanks, camis, etc. at a reduced price.  Wear them now thru the end of the season or pack away for next year.  

In all fairness, I must say fall is my favorite season of the year.  Not only for the colors and the weather, but for the clothing.  I may be a little extra excited to begin planning my fall closet.  Personal favorites aside, this is the best point in the season to evaluate your wardrobe and begin looking ahead.  It will make you feel so much better when September arrives.  

I would love to hear if you do this and how it goes for you.  If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact me, I would love to hear from you.