Mother's Day is coming!

Mother's Day is fast approaching.  There are gift idea posts and lists everywhere for you to see.  I created a short list of some of my favorite ideas as a guide to inspire you to choose a gift with some meaning, albeit at the last minute :).  

Here is the "short list" 

The available links are listed above but here are a few details on each item.

1)  It's no secret my own love for all things from Lush, but they do have some great Mother's Day gifts all ready to go.  Either choose from the selections or choose a few favorites just for your mom.  The idea here is pampering :)

2)  Zingerman's in Ann Arbor Michigan is known for all things delish.  I love this scone treat box.  I would send or give this along with some great coffee or tea for a mom that loves coffee and treats.  The idea here is treats :)

3)  Origami Owl has an expansive selection of different gift ideas to make it really special and personal for your mom or special person.  You can truly make it just about her.  The idea here is personal and sentimental :)

4)  I love the idea of cooking classes.  Whether a novice or expert, this is a great gift.  The other reason I love this is Sur La Table is basically nationwide so this is a great gift to send or deliver.  The bigger picture here can be time.  The idea of doing the class together would be awesome for her.  The idea here is time and fun and personal :)  

5)  Does she love to cook?  Is she just expanding her cooking horizon?  A lovely package of spices is a truly wonderful gift.  This one is from Zingerman's but spice gifts like this are available at places like Dean and Deluca as well.  In addition, you can also research and find a local spice merchant and create your own just for her.  The idea here is still personal but can also be for a mom you don't very well.

6)  Whether she loves to cook or entertain or both - this beautiful piece from Le Creuset is perfect!  She can cook the dish and serve it from this beautiful piece or... simply serve her favorite purchased dish as well.  It's beautiful and perfect for any table.  The idea here is treating something that is simple with some special attention (much better than a vacuum or plain pans :)  )


I hope this list inspires you to choose something special for the special mom in your life.  Moms are unbelievable women who do so much for all of us and they get this one day to be recognized.  Whether you and your mom are close, or you have someone else who has been that special person for you, or perhaps you have more than one mom in your life,  make this day special for each of them.  Truly give some thought to the gift you are giving.  I still believe the best gift is time together so don't forget that as well.  

To all the moms - Happy Mother's Day Ladies - you are truly special!