Closet Tryouts

Recently, I have started taking another look at what's in my own closet.  Once I do a change over for the season I like to go back thru a second time (sometimes a third and fourth) and take a closer look at a few pieces that I haven't worn in awhile but decided to keep.  I find that when I do this I can eliminate a couple more items that I never wear.  Sometimes...I am also able to "reinvent" or refresh a piece and fall in love with it all over again.  

I recommend this step to clients who either have already had a Closet Restyle with me, perhaps in a previous season, or for clients who aren't quite ready for that step.  (more about the Closet Restyle here  If you want to try a "closet try-out" it's super simple.  Tomorrow morning take a look in your closet or a drawer.  Choose an item NOT from the front, but from way in the back.  Now, show it some love.  Perhaps you want to try it out again worn as you did the last time you wore it, oh so long ago.  Maybe you want to wear it in a totally different way.  Maybe it's a piece you usually wear dressy and you want to give it new life by wearing it more casual.  On the other hand, maybe it's something you typically wear on a more casual day such as a graphic tee and now you want to put a new spin on it.  **Stop - official disclaimer ** the item MUST still be in great condition.  You know, free from stains, spots, rips, holes, yellowing**  okay continue :).  Now, be sure it's ready to go.  Give it the best chance it can have.  Accessorize it, be sure it's free from wrinkles, and pair it with a piece you already love wearing.  So, if you are pairing a top for a try-out casual style - pair it with your favorite jeans.  I would never suggest doing a try-out of an entire outfit at once, in my experience it usually doesn't go well.  Wear it all day, post an OOTD to your favorite social media platform and give it the proper "try-out".  At the end of the day evaluate for yourself how it went.  Were you comfortable?  Did this outfit make you feel great?  If so, keep it!  The try-out made it.  If not - if there is any hesitation - donate or consign and free your closet!!

 Last week I looked in my closet and found a top I purchased 2 years ago from Marshall's.  I think I wore it 1 time last Spring/Summer season.  Something that wear that infrequently should not be taking up real estate in my closet!  I pulled it out and decided to wear it again. 

Closet try-out with a top

Closet try-out with a top

I wore it with a pair of my fav jeans and one of my very favorite pair of shoes.  I was sure to accessorize with jewelry also to give the top a fighting chance.  Guess what?  She won!  She made the try-out.  I am already thinking of other ways to wear it.  

I know this process may sound really simple.  You may be saying to yourself, "this is an obvious step that I already do".  Awesome!  Hopefully, though, it serves as inspiration for you take another look - go ahead - in the back of the closet - find a piece and give it a try-out.


I would love to hear how it went!  Keep me posted in the comments.  Need suggestions?  Just let me know.