12 Days of Gift Ideas - Day 7 Gifts for the Movie Lover

Day 8 of my gift giving series is upon us.  Day 8 is also hovering close to last minute for many gift giving needs this holiday season.  As with all my guides, this is meant to be just that, a guide.  I hope it inspires you to give something unexpected for the movie lover on your list. 

Starting at the top right side, first on the list is a subscription.  If you have been following along all of the previous 7 days, this is no surprise development.  In Grand Rapids we are lucky to have the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts (UICA).  The UICA showcases a wide variety of film and this is a great way to give the gift of movies that is unexpected.  If you don't live in the Grand Rapids area, do some research in your area, I'm quite sure you can find a similar institution to do this same type of gift.

Something unique is up next.  It's a vintage camera clock offered by a shop on Etsy.  When someone is passionate about something whether it be movie, music, art, etc. I love to find unique ways to celebrate that.  An item such as this clock is a great way to do that. 

At the bottom center is a movie journal.  It's a great way for a true movie to catalog all the films they watch and be able to reference back to. 

Next, something fun for the movie lover who also drinks wine.  A fun gift from an etsy shop of movie lover wine glass charms.  

Coming in top left of the guide is, yes, you guessed!  A subscription to Netflix!  If your movie lover already has a netflix account,  offer to pay for a month or so.  This is a gift that keeps giving!

Last in the center is something easy to give whether your recipient live near or far.  It's dinner and a movie wrapped in one gift.  I love this option!  Let them decide when and what they see and where they eat.  Perfect!

I hope this inspires you to go beyond the normal gift card and explore some new options.

Happy Shopping