12 Days of Gift Ideas - Day 8 Gifts for the one who loves to cook

Today's picks are  all about the person in your life who loves to cook.  I have given some great ideas for what to buy and most of the items should be easy to find.  I think the important thing here is variety and quality of the item for the one on your list who loves to cook. 

Starting in the top right corner and moving clockwise:

The first 2 are gifts of spices and salt.  Sure, if they love to cook, odds are they already have spices on hand.  However, buying them a variety of spices all together in a set is a great idea.  The set pictured is from one of my favorite places to buy spices but if you have a local spice merchant in your area you could easily create a set tailored to your gift recipient there instead.  Second pictured is a set of salts, which I think is another great gift for the person who loves to cook.  It gives them a chance to show off their talents and creativity as well.

The next group of 3 are all kitchen tools for the person who loves to cook.  The cutting board is an obvious necessity for the well stocked kitchen, but this board is personalized for your gift recipient.  A kitchen scale is a must have for everything from burgers to baking in a kitchen.  Last in this group are kitchen towels.  Again, I am sure the kitchen is already equipped, but new good quality towels are always welcome in a well stocked kitchen. 

The next 2 items are necessary cookware.  The first is the beautiful dutch oven from Le Creuset.  The flame colored pot pictured here is from the outlet to save on some dollars.  High quality, useful and will last forever, this piece also looks stunning just sitting on the stove when not in use.  Second is the cast iron skillet.  This piece is another must have for the person who loves to cook.  

You know my list wouldn't be complete without some sort of subscription or service.  Cooking classes can be fun for a person who already has skill in the kitchen as well.  Nation-wide stores such as Williams-Sonoma and Sur La Table both offer a variety of classes year round.  This is a great option if your recipient doesn't live in your area.  If they are part of a community you know well, look for classes from a local chef who offers the same service.  The other item I didn't include but something to think about would be a meal delivery service.  Even though recipes are included in these services there is always room for a little creativity when preparing.  In addition, a busy person that loves to cook will appreciate the "busy work" already done for them, especially after a long day.

This list, as all my others, are meant to give your inspiration.  As we draw closer to Christmas you could easily take these ideas to a store close to you and find many of the same things.  Stores like TJMaxx and Home Goods would have many of these items (or similar) for you to purchase without waiting for shipping.  I hope this helps you check another person off your list!

Happy Shopping!