12 Days of Gift Ideas - Day 5 Gifts for the Car Lover

We are at Day 5 of Gift Ideas.  This is for the car lover but could easily be part of gifts for the hard to buy person as well.  The gifts here are great ideas for almost anyone on your list.  

Gifts here beginning top right moving clockwise:

The first gift is something we should all have in our car.  It's a simple holder for your vehicle registration and proof of insurance.  

The next three items are accessories that would be nice to have in any car.  Bath and Body Works makes a great car scent holder with coordinating car scent disks.  Better than the standard pine tree, you can select from a variety of scents even change them depending on the season.  Every car needs a trash holder of some sort (other than a plastic store bag) this is a nice option.  The other round disk is an awesome cell phone holder.  Regardless of the phone, it will fit on this holder.  

The car care kit is next.  A kit containing all your gift recipient needs to keep their car sparkling clean.  You could easily customize this by purchasing the items individually to best match your car lover.  

The next two gifts are things people typically buy for themselves but how thoughtful to be given the gift instead.  A simple oil change certificate and a car wash certificate.  Most car washes have all sorts of packages you can purchase such as 1 wash, 3 washes, or even unlimited washes.  You know I love a subscription of some sort and the car lover deserves one too!

Last on the list is a Frostguard windshield cover.  If your car lover has to park outside this is an awesome addition to their car care supplies.  The shield extends to cover the side mirrors which is an extra bonus.  Even if they have a garage, the car lover may have to park outside for work or other activities so this makes a great gift regardless.

I love this category because, honestly, I think these gifts would be great for anyone on your list.  I could easily add any of these to the "last minute" gifts as well. 

Happy Shopping !