12 Days of Gift Ideas - Day 4 Gifts for the Mom with littles at home

Is there a Mom with littles on your gift list?  Take a look at my best gift ideas for her.  Moms with littles don't have much time for themselves and are often taking care of others.  They rarely spend time or money on doing something just for them and the holidays is a great time to ensure they do.  

Take a look at my best ideas:

Here's the run down beginning with the idea in the center - time.  Give her the gift of your time.  Whether it be babysitting (she chooses where), running her errands for her, taking her to coffee (or happy hour) time with a friend is a special gift.  Yes !  make the "coupon" for this!!

Up next, flowers.  Do you have a florist in your area that will set up a subscription for flowers?  If you do, take advantage of this.  Otherwise I suggest Bouqs.  You can purchase all different sorts of subscriptions and types of flowers for the Mom.  As I say with all subscriptions, it's a reminder for the recipient every time they receive a delivery, of your friendship.  With flowers, I think it makes the reminder just a little sweeter.  

If we are going clockwise, the next 3 are all to help her take time for her, even if it's just a little.  I believe a manicure can work wonders on your soul.  As a Mom with littles that hasn't been able to wash her hair in 3 days to know at least your nails look great can be the "win" of the day!  (no, really).  It isn't always possible to leave the house to do this so a manicure set for home makes a great alternative.  She may not get to it until midnight, but time away in a beautiful bath can be life-saving - a gift from Lush will ensure that happens.  It's one of those treats you don't often buy for yourself so as a gift it's that much more special.  Help her make time for herself by gifting her a spa treatment of some sort at a great spa close to her.  My favorite here in Grand Rapids is Wanderlux.  Whether you think she needs a facial or perhaps brows or even lashes, this makes a great gift and again, something she wouldn't buy herself. 

Last on the list but certainly not least - a meal service would be great!  I mean they all need to eat, right?  This is a great idea for the Mom that loves to cook and the Mom that doesn't.  All fresh, healthy ingredients that can be prepared in little time on her schedule.  I think this gift is in part, the gift of time as well. 

There is nothing wrong with a candle or a sweater or even a bottle of perfume but I think the gift ideas here will be a little less expected from the Mom of littles and that's part of the fun of giving, right??

Happy Shopping!