Friday Find

Father's Day is in 2 days!  Here are some great last minute gifts you still have time to get!

  1.  A photo with the 2 of you in a special frame.  Easy to print at a local drug store or big box store such as Target.  Frames readily available as well
  2. Personal Gift Basket - I LOVE this option.  Go to a store such as World Market.  Choose a great basket like the one I have pictured.  (This basket would be great to hold practice balls for a golfer. )  Does your special "Dad" love sweet treats?  If so, fill with the great candy selection available at World Market.  More of a "savory" lover?  Fill it a myriad of chips, pretzels, see where I am going with this?  Cheese and meat lover?  Again, plenty of options for that as well.
  3. Zingerman's.  I love this place.  Though located in Ann Arbor, Michigan they ship all across the United States.  You can still get an "instant" e-gift certificate today.  They offer a variety of fun subscriptions like Bacon of the Month club :)!  They also have fun kits like the Reuben sandwich kit for example.  In addition all kinds of options for creating your own treat boxes full of an assortment of baked goods.
  4. Is your special "Dad" a golfer?  A new golf shirt, shorts, etc are all great options.  Stores such as TJ Maxx have great options for this right now and selections are at their peak.  Golf Galaxy has buy one get one 1/2 off this weekend ....bonus!!  
  5. For the music lover - an itunes gift card is a great option.  If he is an Amazon Prime guy an Amazon gift card will be perfect.
  6. For the cigar guy - just a couple of cigars with maybe a new cigar cutter would be a special treat for him.  Locally I like to go to D. Shuler's in Grandville.
  7. Make a "coupon" that describes the special activity you will do together.  Perhaps it's a bike ride, a short hike, maybe even a round of golf.
  8. Speaking of bike rides - maybe your special "dad" needs a new helmet?  Other accessories for biking make a great gift as well.  A new mirror, biking gloves, water bottle just to name a few great options that are readily available.
  9. Is your special "Dad" a scotch drinker?  A cocktail guy?  Drink stones make a great gift to give that he wouldn't think of buying for himself.
  10. Golf balls for the golf enthusiast always make a great option.  The caution on this one would be to make sure you know his preferred brand

The more personal options are always my first choice with the photo idea being number one.  Another favorite is the "coupon" for an activity.  Time is the best gift, right?  What's better than presenting the activity complete with a planned stop for a meal all on a personalized "coupon"?  The personalized treat basket is actually one of may favorites for any gift giving occasion because you can be so creative with it.  What a great time to honor the special "Dad" in your life!  Have fun choosing your gift, unless of course you are a super awesome planner and already have your gift, in which case, congrats for planning!!