Hostess Gift Time

The holiday season is upon us.  Hopefully that includes some fun parties for you to attend.  Before you get too caught up in the "busy" of the season take some time to prepare by having hostess gifts at the ready 

There are the typical hostess gifts always at the ready such as a bottle of wine, a regular candle or perhaps a bouquet of flowers from the grocery you flew in to get on the way to the party.  With just a little preparation you can have some more unique (or at least less thought of) gifts at the ready to take along.  You might even think ahead and have the gift bags too!!  

Here are just a few things I think would be lovely to give and receive. 

I have included the links for where to purchase all these goodies, either online or if you have the store listed locally.  Speaking of local - I am all about shopping local so perhaps these ideas will merely be an inspiration for you to go locally and find something similar.  I happen to have both a West Elm and Anthropologie close to me and I have received awesome service at both! 

Some thoughts on my picks.  I love the idea of tying the party to the gift.  If it's a dinner party, or any party involving food for that matter, I love the gift of an apron, pretty potholders, or unique dishtowels ....patterns and material the hostess may never purchase for herself.  For any other party I love the idea of adding a scent to the home either with candles or a diffuser.  I think again, we all buy candles but the candles, diffuser and candle holders I have included feel a little more "special" to me to give.  I love the personal touch of a pretty plate with a treat on the plate.  Choose a local bakery or market to get the treat special for your hostess.  I added a couple of special bouquets of flowers as well.  I think it is so special to receive fresh flowers no matter the occasion.  I love the idea of either sending "ahead" of you or maybe the next day with a special note of thanks.

Don't discount the importance of the hostess gift.  Whether you have a small budget or you have more to spend, you can spend accordingly with this easy guide.  This is one thing you don't have to stress about as you make your way through the season.  If you need advice or help shopping for the perfect gift, contact me directly I would love to help you.