Thanksgiving Day...what to wear?

I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week!!  For me, almost as important as the food, is what to wear.  We aren't going "full-cocktail" attire but I also don't like to look sloppy.  Of course, comfort counts on a day of feasting and I am always mindful of that!  I have put together 3 different options for what to wear.  Within each of those choice you can still modify and create options by merely changing the footwear, legwear and accessories.  Read on for more information. 

Let's start with option 1.  Pair a cashmere sweater with a great pair of comfy black pants.  The pants shown are one of my favs from Loft earlier this season.  They are ponte knit so comfortable yet I think they give a more dressy or dressed up vibe.  The sweater is up to you.  Options would be crewneck? turtleneck?  v-neck?  Scarf around the neck?  necklace?  or maybe just a great pair of statement earrings and an arm party of bracelets!  How cute!

Option 2.  The Little Black Dress (LBD).  This one is a turtleneck.  Your options here would be:  give the dress a more casu