Camo Belly or Belly Camo - who cares? Just make it go away :)

I have read and heard a lot of chatter lately about that thing that creeps up on you from nowhere...just a little bit of trouble ...better known as just a little belly.  I am in the 50+ group now (barely) and it seems to have more of us in this range.  I love the line in the Sex and the City Movie where the girls are all gathered in Carrie's apartment for Charlotte's baby shower when they are chatting with Samantha.  They are talking about her relationship with Smith and her...growing paunch :).  Anyway, Carrie says what I think is most important - (paraphrase) "It doesn't matter how much you weigh, you are beautiful at any weight" but are you happy?  I would you feel pretty?  Let's take a look at some quick summertime picks to hide your little belly so you can feel pretty. 

I put together a few pieces on a polyvore collection.

Below is the link so you can get the actual pieces and names and where to buy.

When thinking about summer pics to best disguise/cover/hide/camoflauge your belly here are some great tips that are illustrated through the choices I have above:

  1. When choosing a top go for one that is slightly flowy without giving you that maternity feel.  Even a shorter swing style top works if it covers the waistline.
  2. Choose a top that has interest in the shoulders and neckline to pull the interest up such as the printed halter I chose above.
  3. If choosing a t-shirt, choose a looser fit.  There are so many styles right now that have a flowy hem, uneven hem, pocket interest, etc. 
  4. A pretty flowy blouse with an empire waistband or tie (like the print I've shown) is a great choice.
  5. For bottoms choose a pant with a mid-rise waistline or above.  No low rise to expose a muffin top. 
  6. Choose a pant with a wider leg - this will balance out your mid-section.  I am crazy for gauchos and culottes this season and that is one reason.
  7. Choose pants with darting or seaming interest in the front to flatter. The gauchos in the lower left corner from Level 99 are an example of a great waistline, great seaming, and great pockets.  Winner !!  Winner  !!  - give me a pair in all colors :)
  8. The boyfriend cut jean or khaki is another great alternative

These are just some guidelines, of course.  Choose what makes you feel pretty.  Don't look at the number look at you and the fit and how it makes you feel.  When you truly own your style you rock any outfit!!