It Starts Underneath

Sometimes I think the most important part of your wardrobe can get neglected.  Your style really begins underneath...your outfit.  Your style starts at your undergarments.  Proper fitting undergarments can make or break your outfit and therefore, Your Style  

Recently, I had the opportunity to host a great event at our local Soma store.  The event was called a "Get Gorgeous Party".  Soma stores across the country offer this event to anyone who is interested in hosting.  You choose a day and time, invite some friends, and shop for great foundation pieces.  As long as 4 or more people purchase everyone who attends and purchases anything at the event will receive 15% off everything they purchase.  I invited some friends and clients, brought some sparkling water for refreshments and we had a blast!

Whenever I work with a client on any project I always take the opportunity to talk about foundation garments and how important they are.  I believe if you have the right fit, wear the bra best for you (as well as proper panties/bottoms) you not only feel pretty to start, but you look better on the outside of your clothes as well.  Getting a proper fit on a bra is more important than the fit of the garment on top...I'm not even kidding.  Along with the fit is the idea of pretty.  Let's face it, if you are wearing pretty undergarments you feel pretty...come on you know I am right.  I think you have to spend some money on your undergarments.  You wear them everyday and they "set up" how your wardrobe will look on your body.  You've all seen the woman in the great form fitting dress but then you see either "her cups runneth over" or you can see the band of her bra in the back, or some other sad story.  I think having the proper fitting (and subsequently the proper size bra) not only eliminates a sad fashion story but just really makes the dress fit that much better.  The same is true for the panty/underwear/bottom (whatever words you like saying).  Not long ago I had the unfortunate viewing of what was otherwise an adorable outfit on an adorable woman...only problem was the skirt was sheer and I all I could see was her thong....argh.  Proper undergarments with sheer garments people!!  

I think you have to find the store, company you are most comfortable with and then get a good fitting.  Even if you have been fitted before, if it's been more than a year I would say do it again.  I am not a paid spokesperson for Soma, but I have to say they are one of my faves and here's why:

1)  great customer service and all the associates I have come in contact with know how to fit any size woman correctly

2)  selection - the stores carry a great selection of styles, fits, patterns/colors.  Better still - their size selection is vast both in store and online.

3)  Pricing and quality - for the price the quality is outstanding - the pieces wear well and when washed properly, last a long time.

4)  Made for the modern woman- this is not your mom's old bra.  This is also not the teenager's bra store.  The styles are sophisticated and all grown up.  

5)  They also carry great sleepwear, loungewear, other foundation pieces, and even some dresses all with the modern woman in mind.  This includes sleepwear with "cool" material, as in ease of heat :).

Regardless of where you go I have created a great list for you that I will post below.

  1. Bras- skintone and black
  2. Multi-wear bra (halter, strapless, etc.)
  3. Slip (1/2 and/or full)
  4. Panties (with invisible panty line)
  5. Sleepwear  

Before you spend a fortune on your wardrobe start underneath.  If you have pretty, great fitting undergarments you already feel pretty before you ever step in to your closet to get dressed, and really that's what it's all about...the pretty.  If you feel pretty you will Own your style.