Gift Ideas for Some of your Favs

Here is your shopping weekend update:  you have only 5 weekends to shop for Christmas and  3 weekends until Hanukkah!  If you are anything like me, some of the most important people in your life are your friends, your besties, your posse.    If you have read any of my previous posts and know me at all, you know I love shopping.  I love gift giving!  I love thinking about the person and choosing the perfect gift for them regardless of the holiday or reason.  I would love to spend tons of money on all the people that mean so much to me but alas, reality sets in.   I have put together a short list of some of my favorite things to give.  The ideas can be seen as more of an "idea" or "theme" starter if you just need some inspiration.  Otherwise I also have the specific shopping information if you choose.  I am a fan of shopping local so for some of these ideas if you aren't in West Michigan you would need to source locally (*think macarons).  Let me also say, if you are a "crafty" person and make beautiful hand-made items - go for it - I think that always means so much to the receiver.  However, for me ....not an area I am even remotely talented in.  

Here we go:

1)  Give your besties jewelry.  But not just jewelry.  Add the personal touch to it.  A couple of my favs would be the engraveable collection from Stella & Dot and the whole buildable idea from Origami Owl.  First the Stella & Dot - you can spend a lot or a little - choose a chain and build it up with charms or go simple which affords you the opportunity to add to it in the future.  You can engrave special dates, ideas, words, etc on the pieces.  If there is a circle of girlfriends you are close to you could actually choose the same theme and gift to all.  I love the versatility in the pieces and the selection is amazing.  As a side note...the service and the packaging from Stella & Dot is amazing.  Along the same line is Origami Owl.  You choose lockets and add charms to the lockets.  Again, the colors, charms, overall selection is vast as is the styling.  There are more "edgy" choices in black metals or lighter silver styles.  The idea here is again personal and buildable for future gifts.  Again, packaging is adorable.  

2)  Do you have girlfriend that's a planner?  Loves to write personal notes?  Super or perhaps needs help getting organized?  Maybe she doesn't enjoy trying to do the calendar-on-the-phone thing (that's me).  I love the gift of a more personal and creative planner.  The Erin Condren Life Planner is A-mazing.  You can make it more personalized by adding a cover with her name on it - even her company name if you choose.  The planner craze is out there.  She can buy stickers galore from Etsy shops and truly plan like crazy.  I love it because it's got some fashion sense :)  *Tip - Order NOW - these take a bit to get to you. You can also order the planner now and order additional covers in the future.  Along with the planner idea/theme is personalized stationery.  I love to give a gift that the person would not normally buy for themselves but I know they would truly enjoy.  

3)  Every girl needs some pampering time.  I love the idea of bath products but what I love even more is the "out of the box" gift...again something she might not normally buy for herself.  We all visit our favorite bath and body store or department from time to time, come on ...I know you do.  But I think the products from Lush are a step beyond.  The packaging alone is beyond.  

4)  Who doesn't love tasty treats?  I love love love macarons.  I love Champagne.  I love the idea of combining the two.  The beautiful box of macarons from Le Bon Macaron  ( here in Grand Rapids almost makes me giddy.  I think the idea of a "gift basket" of sorts with macarons, some champagne, and even some pretty glasses would be amazing and truly special.  Not a fan of the champagne idea?  Think latte or teas and pretty cups.  This is one of those unexpected gifts but so thoughtful.  Another of those treats she probably wouldn't put together for herself but would love to receive.

5)  The gift of beauty ...but what to give?  NOT a gift not ever.  The idea of a short beauty subscription is awesome.  Birchbox subscriptions start at 3 months.  So for 3 months in a row your bestie will receive a box full of fun treasures (usually not full size I must tell you) from the beauty world to try for herself.  Again, love the packaging and the fact she will receive treats for 3 months - what a fun reminder of your friendship.

6)  It's not possible to have too many bags and too many choices of sizes in bags.  Handbags, totebags, coin purses, etc.  Love the idea of these little bags/pouches for your bestie.  I love the idea that you could choose the same style for each bestie in your circle and even from some merchants have the pouches monogrammed.  I think this another example of the unexpected and I love it for that reason.

Shop now so you are sure to not only get the best selection but just as important is getting the gift in time without any panic or stress.  You never know, something might end up in your "cart" that you can't live without either :)