Public Service Announcement about Awards shows

If you are anything like me are waiting in anticipation for the Red Carpet tonight prior to the Golden Globes starting.  It is for all intents and purposes the beginning of the award season, which to people who love fashion kind of like our playoffs and then superbowl all in a matter of weeks.

I thought I would just post some quick reminders before the show starts in a couple of hours and we all become engrossed with what everyone is wearing.  So here goes.  Oh, and if you don't know the Golden Globes and when I say Red Carpet you are thinking "red carpet?  who has red carpet anymore?" - this little public service announcement probably doesn't pertain to you :)

1.  Remember, as you watch these guys and gals and their fabulous attire complete with diamonds and jewels, perfect hair and make-up, etc. remember--they have an army working behind them to get them looking so fab.

2.  It's Hollywood.

3.  Translation - find the look you love the most and figure how to translate that in to your wardrobe, your closet.  You may not be attending a swanky party or awards show anytime soon but you can still look fab in something new.  What is it about the gown that you really love?  The color?  The way it fits?  The way it flows ?  The cut?  All of those things can be translated in to something you can find and wear for your life.  I promise.  Crazy you say?  No, really.  It's all about feeling pretty in what you are wearing.