New Year New You?

So it's a new year and if you listen to the hype everywhere you should seriously be thinking you must need a new you!  Resolutions, new fitness programs, new diets, new reading lists, and the so-called self-improvement lists go on and on.  I don't know about you, but I don't think I need a new me.  I might need a couple of updates, might need to tweak some things here and there (less technology more people for example) but I am not about all the new new new.  

It's no secret I love fashion and I love clothing.  But, what I love more is the thought that what makes us each so cool (because we are) is our own style. So, how to start the year off right without resolutions, weird diets, new fitness routines that might not stick?   How about just refreshing the good that's already there?  I mean yes, eat healthy, do some type of exercise, blah, blah, blah  (all that good stuff).  But what I am talking about is what you need to dress your personal best to feel your best.  Did you know you wear less than half of what you own in your  wardrobe?  Yep, more than half of what you own never makes it out of the closet (drawers, or other assorted hiding places you keep things).   

Take time this month to really look at your wardrobe.  Purge what you know you don't wear and make your closet pretty again.  Find new ways to wear the pieces you love...and the pieces you haven't worn in forever but want to keep.   like this white blouse - everyone should have at least one and it should be in great shape.  Stain free, wrinkle free, all buttons in tact, fit is good. 

The gray jacket below belongs to a client who I recently visited to shop her closet for new outfits.  Another great example of finding new ways to wear some favorites.



Did you get some new beauties for gifts?  Figure out ways to add them in and find at least 2 different outfits for each of the new pieces.  This is the perfect time to reorganize and really bring your closet up to date for your style.   If you need a "system" of sorts - don't add anything new unless you purge something that you already own but don't wear. 

Bottom line from my perspective - when you feel great in what you are wearing you radiate confidence and happiness.  Take some time now to make your closet pretty and new to fit with the great You that's already there.  Need help?  Want someone along for the journey ?  Contact me and let's chat and get started.