Unpacking the Closet Restyle - part two

So, things have been cleared out, piles have been started.  You have decided what you are keeping and also have some things to tailor (or fix).  I love love this part of the Closet Restyle. 

The "tailor/fix" pile is pretty self-explanatory.  I have two words for the criteria for stuff making it here - money or love - or both.  If you spent a fortune on the those designer trousers and they are too long for you to wear, but you would wear them if you could - get them tailored.  If you love love love the coat you bought on sale at the end of last season but the sleeves are too short and there is room to alter - get it done.  If, on the other hand, you spent a fortune on an dress at a sample sale but no matter if Rumplestiltskin or your local tailor are available they still can't make it fit, the dress should be consigned or donated, really.  If you have other things that need simple alterations, get it done, you will thank me later. 

Okay, on to the keep pile.  Anything left in this pile should match you and your lifestyle.  If it doesn't it will go back in your closet and continue to not be worn.  The biggest portion of your wardrobe should truly be classic, basic, timeless styles.  I don't mean it should like cardigans and pearls and turtlenecks, but key silhouettes and styles that are timeless for you.  (Think the basics from a few posts ago.)  Your bit of trendy, color, sparkle should be the smaller portion of the closet.  For example, if your lifestyle is all about comfort and casual flexibility your closet should reflect that.  I don't mean yoga pants and tops ---please no - but I do mean there shouldn't be a lot of dresses, dress trousers, and skirts.  Along that same thought, quality above quantity every time.  If you are a lover and everyday wearer of denim, you should have multiple pair that you have to choose from.  You should only keep the jeans you love and the jeans you love yourself in when wearing them.  (Otherwise, let's go shopping for jeans !)  If you have a great basic wardrobe each season we can add a few key trendy pieces so that you are always up to fashion, I promise.  Once the keepers have been decided we will hang on proper hangers (NO WIRE), organize in your closet and get going on the new looks that we create right from your own stuff!  I don't want to spoil all the fun of doing a restyle with me, but this is where we make new outfits, new looks, and put your items to multiple uses for wearing in different ways. 

This entire process I always find to be therapeutic.  Whether I am helping a client or doing my own closet it always feels great when it's complete.  It really does give you a chance to clear your thoughts and refine your look.  Maybe you are thinking it's time to totally reinvent - that's okay too (and soooo refreshing).  I promise you, either way, there will be pieces we are able to save and reinvent.