Wear Now, Wear Later

As I mentioned in last week's Musings, we are headed in to that tricky transitional in-between season when it isn't quite time to switch your Summer wardrobe out for Fall but the temps may warrant some different dressing.  Immediately following the in-between we will start moving the Fall wardrobe in to the closet and the summer will be packed away.  Not so fast!  Some of your summer pieces are gems that can be worn from season to season.  Don't forget about them!  By keeping them part of your closet they will help you make your wardrobe work for you!  

jeans and t now.png yourclosetyourstyle.com

Now - Jeans and a Simple tshirt 

So much can be done with this "building block" outfit.  Change the belt, shoes and accessories and it becomes a totally different outfit to be worn now.

jeans t jacket later.png yourclosetyourstyle.com

Later -  Add a Jacket

Take the same jeans and tshirt.  Add a jacket, mules (or other shoe), belt and you have carried this same outfit thru to the next season.  I hate to mention it but Winter?  Change the jacket again to something heavier, say a wool blazer and change out the shoes and belt once again and there you go!

Dress with slides.jpg yourclosetyourstyle.com

Now - Adorable "Peasant" Dress

Right now I'm wearing this adorable dress with sandals.  I have worn it with the block heeled sandal shown here but there are so many options.  A flat casual sandal or a great wedge would work just as well.  




dress over the knee boots.jpg yourclosetyourstyle.com

Later - Adorable "Peasant" Dress with Over the Knee Suede boots.

Fast forward to early fall.  A pair of boots are a great way to carry this dress thru to the next season.  The color of the suede matches the dress perfectly.

Dress fur vest low boots.jpg yourclosetyourstyle.com

Later, Still - Same Dress layered with a fur vest and Chocolate boots.

It's late Fall, early Winter and this look will be perfect.  I can wear tights for extra warmth and color if I choose, but either way this is a great look.  By this time in the season I will easily swap out the boots for skinny jeans for yet another look!

Take a look in your closet.  What do you own similar to the pieces I've shown here.  I bet you will be able to add some great pieces to extend the life of your wardrobe.   Layering is easy.  Think of new ways to layer.  Think dresses over skinny jeans, a jacket over your favorite Summer t-shirt, even your favorite summer dress with a long sleeve t-shirt layered under it.   Shop your closet and create new looks!  Have fun and as always #ownyourstyle!