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Holiday Gift Guide for ... Teachers

I think it’s safe to say we have entered the holiday zone. The time has come for holiday shopping. My hope for you is you truly enjoy the season! Don’t stress out over gift giving or it will suck the joy right out of the whole thing. I love great ideas! I love to create holiday gift guides each year. Not long ago I put a poll on Instagram asking who you would like to see shopping guides for. One of the requests was for — teachers. So, first up, the shopping guide for teachers. I have created a short list of some great picks for gifts for the superhero teachers. In the guide below you can “click” thru to purchase the item. Just a note, if you do “click” thru to purchase it is an affiliate link and I wanted to let you know.

Some notes the Teachers Gift Guide:

  • As is the case with all my guides every year, I encourage you to shop local so I will provide a couple of sources following the guide for businesses local to me here in West Michigan. Be sure to source local businesses close to you as well. (Small Business Saturday is fast approaching - November 24, 2018)

  • Teachers are super heroes in my opinion! Choose a thoughtful for the teacher you are buying for. Though I love a gift card, (who am I kidding ? I hate giving gift cards) try to find something special for them first.

  • If the teacher gift is for your child’s teacher, involve them in the gift giving!

    The guide basically has 3 categories which will inspire you to choose your gift: self-care, treats, personal - unique- to-the-teacher, gifts. As is the case with any “guide” this is meant to inspire you to choose for your special person.

As mentioned above I wanted to encourage you to shop locally. I think this is especially true of the treats! If you looking to buy chocolate, look locally for a chocaltier. In the Grand Rapids Area, check out Mokaya - mokaygr.com

Bath bombs, hand cream, etc. take a look at Wanderlux - wanderluxgr.com -

For coffee, be sure they are a coffee drinker (obs) check out a local roaster first. In West Michigan we have super coffee roasters including: Herman’s Boy in Rockford. (hermansboy.com)

For candles here in West Michigan we have a candle store where you can create your own unique candle scent. This would be a great activity to involve your child as well. waxpoeticcandlebar.com

As we begin the craziness of the season, plan your gifts now so you can truly enjoy the season. Need help? Live in West Michigan? I would love to shop for you, help you plan your own gift lists contact me!

12 Days of Gift Ideas - Day 2 - The Book Lover

Today's gift ideas are all about the book lover or I guess you could also say the "one who loves to read".  I love giving gifts and what I love more than the giving is choosing something that the person quite possibly wouldn't buy for themselves.  I also love to do the unexpected when I can.  For the book lover it would be so easy to either buy them books or buy them a gift card for books but not today.  Here are some great ideas that go beyond the book ...

Starting from the top right and going clockwise - 

Personal Library Kit - it includes everything the book lover needs for their own library. Included in the kit are adhesive pockets for the front of each book along with "check out " cards and a date stamp.   Many lovers of books like to share their collection with fellow readers but don't always get the item returned to them.  This helps to ensure the book will come back to its owner.  

Next up is a reading journal.  Much like the foodie journal from yesterday's list, this is a journal for a reader to track all the different books they read.  It's a great way not only to document what they've read but a better way for them to share the love of the books as well.  

The third item may be slightly controversial - it's an e-reader. In this case, the Kindle.  I know I know, some true book lovers think the e-reader is just plain wrong.  Others would argue the e-reader is easier for travel, reading at night, and for preserving the condition of the book lover's collection.  Either way - here it is.

Speaking of reading in bed, next is the book light.  If you are going to read in bed, on a train, in a car, anywhere in the dark, really, you will need a book light.  A true book light like the one pictured will focus on the book and not be annoying or distracting to others, hopefully. 

Want to gift something different for the book lover?  How about the next couple of ideas?  First, hand crafted coasters for the book lover direct from Etsy.  Again, something different but still shows the person you know they love books. 

Along with the coasters, is a candle.  This one said to have the scent of old books.  What true book lover wouldn't love that.  I might suggest the candle with the Kindle - similar to burning a spruce scented candle while admiring your artificial tree I say!  

Lastly is a book tote.  Whether your book lover travels to the library or travels in general, with books a tote is always a good idea.  Bonus on this tote? - It's a collab with Sarah Jessica Parker so if your book lover is also a fashionista - well you've struck gold!

All these ideas are easy to purchase, available in a variety of price ranges and go beyond the ordinary for gifting to the book lover.  Have fun choosing what's just right!  

Happy Shopping!