what to buy

Should I buy it though?

It's that time in the "old"season when all the cute, new things from the new season are starting to show up in stores and online.  Let's say you're going shopping for some of these new delights.  Let's say also, that you've accomplished some great pre-shop activities such as:  looking at your next season wardrobe (in this case, Spring) and a quick inventory of a couple things you would like to add to your wardrobe to freshen it up a bit, maybe even eliminated a couple of things no longer necessary.  Let's say now you're shopping and you find something you want to purchase.  I suggest you stop and ask yourself 4 or 5 questions before you press purchase or step to the cashwrap (whichever way you prefer to shop).

  1. "Will it work with other things in my closet that I'm currently loving?"  Can you already see it  worn with something you own?  
  2.   "Does it fit me?"  This is obviously easier if you are in the actual store.  If you are familiar with the store and their brands you should know which size is best for you.  If you are ordering online and you aren't sure - check reviews to see what others said about the fit.  Is it something like a pair of pants that will need hemmed?  If it is - a word of caution here - if you are someone that isn't great at tailoring follow-thru DON'T purchase anything that needs altered.  You won't wear it because you won't have it altered and therefore, it's a waste of your clothing budget dollars.  
  3. "Is it worth the price tag?"  This doesn't mean is the item too expensive.  Base the cost on how often you will wear the item.  For example, if you are a person that lives in denim, spending upwards of $150 on a pair of jeans may well be worth the money.  If you are a weekend denim wearer only - maybe that $150 would be better spent or split on a couple of different things you will wear.  At the same time, if the item is marked down it doesn't necessarily mean it's a great deal - If you spend $19.99 on a shirt that was originally priced at $150 but you hate the fit, it wasn't such a bargain because you are never going to wear it.
  4. "Does it fit my style and my lifestyle?"  This is a HUGE question.  Don't let outside influences (i.e., friends, fashion magazines, social media posts) convince you of what to wear.  No one knows you better than you.  Don't try to be someone you aren't by wearing something not you.  (incidentally, if you are trying to discover or even rediscover your style - I would love to help - contact me)  I have said repeatedly, you need to own your style because you need to feel confident in what you're wearing.  
  5.   "Can I see more than one way to wear this item?"  I'm not saying you should have 5 complete new looks planned in your head prior to purchasing a new piece, but you should be able to picture at least a couple of different ways you will wear it and enhance your wardrobe. 

Just a couple of things you don't need to ask:

  1. "Will my _______ (fill in the blank - sister, bff, boyfriend, husband, partner, etc) like it?"   It just needs to be you that loves it.  When you love it and you wear it make that enough.  
  2.  "Is it trendy?"   I mean...it shouldn't probably have shoulder pads from the 80's, but you make it YOUR trend.  
  3.   "Is it on sale?"  Instead ask "Can I afford this?"   Huge difference that I mentioned earlier.  Just because an item is on sale doesn't mean you should buy it.  Instead, let's say there is a dress you are dying to have in your wardrobe.  Let's say it's totally off your wardrobe budget even if you spent all of the season's budget on that dress.  Watching for one markdown on that is a better idea than buying-the -thing-on -ridiculous-markdown-that-you-won't-wear-but-you-bought-because-it's-on-ridiculous-markdown.

So, head on out there to shop but take just a couple of minutes and check yourself :) before you purchase.  

What are some things you are loving for Spring???  I would love to hear.  

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