12 Days of Gift Ideas - Day 3 Gifts for the Beauty Lover

Beginning in the center and moving clockwise:

No matter the extent of the beauty lover's inventory - she can always use new bags for her stuff!  Whether you choose the standard make-up bag, perhaps a lipstick bag (smaller), a travel bag (larger) or an entire set, you can't go wrong.  The collection pictured is the Orla Kiely collection from Target.

Want to try your luck at buying actual make-up?  An eyeshadow palette like the Two Faced Peach Palette would be a great idea.  The quality of the palette is great and the color variety is beautiful - something for almost everyone.

Probably my favorite gift --- a better take on a gift card (in my opinion) is the gift of a spa service or treatment from a spa or salon in the beauty lovers area.  The spa shown here is my favorite here in West Michigan, Wanderlux Beauty and Wellness Company.  Wanderlux offers facials and other treatments as well as all levels of eyebrow services and eyelashes.  A gift that includes pampering can never be a bad idea.  

Up next is the practical gift in this menagerie of gifts.  It's a make-up brush drying stand.  Every beauty lover should have at least one of these.  I actually have this one and I love it.  Best part?  When you're done using it just take it apart for easy storage. 

Beauty starts on the inside and I love Bobbi Brown's new book that encompasses all that is beauty.  A great twist on a beauty gift for the beauty lover, don't you think?

Last on the list are two different ideas from one company.  If you've followed my blogs or my youtube channel, you already know, I love subscription services as gifts.  Birchbox is the ultimate service for the beauty lover.  Birchbox curates boxes that have better than sample, sizes of all kinds of beauty products.  The recipient completes a profile to better make the box for them which is awesome.  You could choose a one time holiday box from the holiday collection or choose a 3-month subscription box for a little more fun.  In addition, there is also birchbox for men!  Either way, you can't go wrong with this!

Gifting for the beauty lover doesn't have to be difficult and you don't have to resort to the obvious gift card.  Look no further than one of these awesome gift ideas for the one who loves beauty. 


Happy Shopping