12 Days of Gift Ideas - Day 1 - The Foodie

It is December 13th and whether you are shopping for Christmas gifts or another holiday you are celebrating, I have some great ideas coming your way.  Today is all about the foodie in your life.  You know, that person who is all about the food.  The food you cook, where to eat, where to order out, etc. 

The usual gift cards don't have to be your only option for the foodie.  How about something special like a subscription to a favorite food of theirs, like say bacon?  Here is my short list:

From the top clockwise, here is a short description of each item.  (As you can see above, you can click directly on the description below the picture and be directed to the site of each gift. )

The first gift is from  You can choose either a preselected gift box similar to the box shown here, or you have the option of creating your own box.  There are some really unusual options on this site that you won't find everywhere, that's why this is one of my favs.  

Next - you create a gift basket.  This particular basket is from Cost Plus World Market.  I think it's fun to go to a store such as Cost Plus, grab what you want to use for the "basket" and fill it with unique items that you know your foodie will love.  When you create a basket like this you determine exactly what goes in the basket and how much it's going to cost.  The biggest difference I see between you doing it yourself and having someone like Mouth do it is the shipping.  If you order the basket you can ship directly to your foodie, no trips to the UPS or Post Office outlet for you!

I LOVE subscription services!  I think they are such a thoughtful gift.  Whether you do a year or a one-time gift, when it arrives your foodie will be reminded of how thoughtful you are.  This subscription is for the chocolate lover you know.  It's from chococurb.  You have many options for purchasing, I love options!!

Next up, another subscription...this one...bacon!!  Zingerman's ( is one of my favorite go to mail order companies for anything food.  I chose the bacon club for the foodie here, but there are many many options on the Zingerman's site you can choose from with many different pricing levels.  Zingerman's is based in Ann Arbor and I must say, their customer service is AWESOME!  

Last on the list are two boxes for perhaps the male foodie because they are from!  Shown here is the Morning Glory Crate and the Bacon Crate.  What I love about each of these crates is first - they are unique.  Second - they are so creatively packaged, and third you again have so many choices here.  

I think for the foodie you know it's so easy to "gift card out" because you aren't sure if you can meet their foodie standards but don't fall so quick!  Take a look at the fun options here and choose one just right for the foodie in your life!  Now, check them off your list and on to the next...

Happy Shopping !!