Another Dress, more options

Wardrobe options are one of my favorite things to talk about, help you build, and shop for. I have written before about the many ways to wear a dress. Here in the Midwest we are in that transition phase from Summer to Fall and the temperatures are fluctuating quite a bit. When you go to your closet to choose something to wear and you spot a dress, don’t pass it by because of the weather or because you think the dress won’t fit the circumstance. Take another look at the dress, perhaps find a different way to wear it. Make your wardrobe work for you! I love to get multiple looks from the same piece. How about 4 looks from the same dress? The dress I’m wearing is a simple A-line or swing dress with pretty embroidered detailing on the sleeves.

dress with mary janes and tights.png

Dress with tights and heels

Here I’m wearing the dress with opaque tights (they need to be for this look) and my favorite MaryJanes. You could easily do different heel. I didn’t want a “wear to the office” look, but something a bit more fun.

dress with skinny jeans.png

Dress with Jeans

If you follow me, you know wearing a dress with jeans, especially skinny jeans, is one of my favorite looks. I’ve paired the dress here with a darker jean and my mules for a casual, yet dressier feel. Perfect for date night or a night out with friends.

dress with tie scarf boots.png

Dress with tie scarf and boots

As you can see, the boot is mid-calf and has lots of stitched detailing. To follow the western trend this season, you could change out the boot for a bootie or even a cowboy boot. Because it’s a tie scarf you could change it to be worn with the triangle on the back and just tied at the neck as well.

dress with infinity scarf and boots.png

Infinity scarf and boots

This looks appears a bit more casual. If you want to dress it up change the boots for a dressier boot with heels and you are all set.

Here is a shopping list with links to similar items from what I’m wearing. My dress was a gift and the other pieces are all part of my wardrobe without the exact piece available to purchase I’ve listed similar choices.

As we move through Fall towards Winter the dress can easily carry thru by adding a layer either over it or under. For an extra layer over it, try a vest (preferably a furry vest). For a different layered look, try adding a denim shirt underneath and wear the look with the skinny jeans and boots. By doing this you have added an extra season and 2 more outfits all for the same dress.

Now, it’s time for you to shop your closet and find a new way to wear that dress that’s just been hanging in there! Have fun and own your style!